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June 1st It’s Going Down

28 May

Welcome Me Back June 1st

Because I have a whole bunch of special things planned for you guys.  I can’t wait, so bear with me.  In the mean time, while I am getting all of these things together, if any of you readers have any ideas for future posts, please feel free to contact me via the contact form below :).  Smooches *xoxoxoxoxoxo*

Reality Bites: Murder Suspect Goes on Killing Rampage in Police Station

5 Apr
Picture Courtesy of NY Daily News

Picture Courtesy of NY Daily News

I agree with the article writer, how the hell did this guy get a gun into the police station to begin with?

Via NY Daily News:

A murder suspect shot a cop who was interviewing him before he turned the gun on himself, Mississippi authorities said.

Detective Eric Smith, 40, and 23-year-old Jeremy Powell were found riddled with bullets at police headquarters in Jackson.

On Friday, Mississippi Bureau of Investigation spokesman Warren Strain said that Powell first shot Smith before shooting himself, clearing up the murky details that previously surrounded the deaths. It was unclear after initial investigations how Powell ended up being killed.

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The Scoop: Women Aren’t Shit

2 Apr

The Scoop Women Aren't Shit

No seriously, a lot of women aren’t shit.  I don’t give a shit if a man beats your ass, pisses in your wounds, and then STILL leaves you, there is NO REASON to kill your children.  I hope there’s a special place in Hell for her.

Via NY Daily News:

The wife of a Minnesota National Guardsman drowned her two young children before taking her own life in a tragic murder-suicide, authorities said Tuesday.

The bodies of 35-year-old Stephanie Shields, 7-year-old son Nolan and daughter Josephine, 6, were found by an unidentified family member inside their Zimmerman, Minn., home on Easter Sunday.

Guard member Sgt. 1st Class Mark Shields had moved out of the house within the last week, Sherburne County Sheriff Joel Brott told the St. Cloud Times. 

Autopsies of the children reveal Nolan and Josephine died from freshwater drowning, the sheriff’s office said. Toxicology tests on their mother are still pending.

“We’re a small-town family, and one of our families lost some loved ones,” Zimmerman Mayor Dave Earenfight said. “We’re mourning and we’ll be praying for them.”

Students at Zimmerman Elementary School, where Nolan and Josephine attended, returned from spring break on Tuesday.

“Josephine Shields and her brother, Nolan, were part of our Zimmerman Elementary School family and we are deeply saddened,” Principal Susan Johnston told Fox 9 in Minneapolis.

Mark Shields, the father of both children, has served in the Minnesota National Guard since 1989, deploying “in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom from Sept. 2004 to Nov. 2005,” according to a statement.

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Ford Does Funny Ads… And They Get Pulled

24 Mar
Ford Does Funny Ads... And They Get Pulled

Paris Hilton and the tied up Kardashians

Why do people take themselves so seriously?  I mean honestly, life sucks enough without people getting all bent out of shape over the littlest things.

So, in case you are wondering what I’m talking about (well obviously you are wondering what I’m talking about, or else you wouldn’t be here), but I digress, I am referring to the Ford Company, having to pull some hilarious ads (the header picture is one of the ads, and the other is after the JUMP), because some crazy nuts, decided to get all bent out of shape saying it glorifies rape, and/or kidnapping, and that it’s blasphemous to religion and yada, yada, yada.

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Steubenville, Ohio Rape is Worse Then You Thought

23 Mar
Picture Courtesy of The New Yorker

Picture Courtesy of The New Yorker


No. Seriously, it is.  Just watch the above video and you will see.

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Here We Go: Two High School CT Students Charged in Rape of 13 Year Old Girl

20 Mar

Here We Go - Two High School CT Students Charged in Rape of 13 Year Old Girl (2)Here We Go - Two High School CT Students Charged in Rape of 13 Year Old Girl (3)

Here We Go - Two High School CT Students Charged in Rape of 13 Year Old Girl (1)


This makes me so sick.  Despite the fact all of this has been going on for awhile, I think it’s absolutely sick, how much it seems like it’s happening lately.

Via NY Daily News:

Two high school football players in Connecticut have been charged with sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl, and the alleged victim has been bullied on Twitter by fellow teens calling her “a snitch” and “a wh—,” according to a local report.

Torrington High School football players Edgar Gonzalez and Joan Toribio, both 18, were charged with sexual assault and other crimes stemming from an investigation that began in February, the local Register Citizen newspaper reported.

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Gay Man Paints House in Rainbow Colors

19 Mar

Gay Man Paints House in Rainbow Colors

The house is really pretty too.  And he did a great job painting.

Via The Daily Mail:

A charity founder bought a house opposite the Westboro Baptist Church headquarters in Topeka, Kansas, so he could protest against the group and celebrate homosexuality by painting it in rainbow colors today. 

Aaron Jackson, 31, who founded Planting Peace which supports orphanages in the developing world, decided the paint-job would be the perfect counter protest to the organization who are known for their ‘God Hates Fags’ placards and anti-gay preaching. 

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These Boys Need to Rot in Hell

18 Mar

No seriously they do, and frankly the other 16 or so people that sat around laughing and mocking this poor girl on Twitter and Facebook need to also burn in hell.  It’s a sad day in the world, when 16 people don’t see that there was anything wrong with what happened to that poor girl.

Picture Courtesy of Crazy Days and Nights

Picture Courtesy of Crazy Days and Nights

I hope these two boys get all types of things done to them in Juvie.

Side Note: I’m also pissed, because since these two asshats were charged as minors, they will get out at 21, no matter what.  For what they did, they deserve A LOT LONGER.

Via Daily Mail:

A star football player sensationally convicted at the Ohio rape trial is to appeal Sunday’s verdict.

Ma’lik Richmond, 16, was found guilty of raping a 16-year-old too drunk to stop him – so drunk that the following day she had no recollection of the crime exposed through social media and Richmond and co-accused Trent Mays’s, 17, own texts.

Speaking to MailOnline Richmond’s attorney, Mr Walter Madison revealed: ‘We have the right to appeal and that is a right we will be exercising.’

Guilty verdict: Ma’lik Richmond (pictured right) reacts after learning the verdict in his trial at the juvenile court in Steubenville, Ohio, March 17

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Breaking News: People Are Idiots

16 Mar
Picture Courtesy of blogs.westword.com

Picture Courtesy of blogs.westword.com

No, seriously, they are.  Please explain, why you would not only steal an iPad, but then take pictures with said stolen iPad, and then send them to the person that you stole the iPad from.

That’s just dumb.  Not to mention, sad.  I mean how bored are you.

Via Fox 16.com:

A North Little Rock man is on a mission to find the person he says stole his iPad.

His quest is creating quite the social media stir as he is posting the culprit’s, not-so-flattering, pictures on Facebook for everyone to see. 

This woman is either knowingly or unwittingly sending pictures of herself to this man. 

Her face is all over Facebook. Her name, we don’t know. We can’t call her a thief. She may not even be a criminal.

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Newsflash: McDonalds is Disgusting

15 Mar
Picture Courtesy of www.benzinga.com

Picture Courtesy of http://www.benzinga.com

Except for this one mother who found that her kid was eating a used condom.  Ugh, I am SOOOOOO glad I don’t eat fast food.

Via NBC News:

According to the complaint, 2-year-old Jacquel “picked up a used condom that was on the floor.” Then, “shortly thereafter… coughed up a piece of the used condom.”

Now the boy’s mother, Anishi Spencer, wants the burger chain to cough up $50,000 plus in legal fees.

Jacquel, who is now 3, “has suffered severe and permanent injuries, both physical and psychological, as well as pain and discomfort,” the suit said. “He will become liable for sums of money for continued medical care throughout his life.” The complaint made the same statement about Jacquel’s 4-year-old brother Jonathan, who also handled the condom.

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