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Nene Leakes And Kim Zolciak Are Probably Not Friends

6 Apr
Picture Courtesy of Rollingout.com

Picture Courtesy of Rollingout.com

When it comes to these two, I am never surprised about anything.  I can see both of these two releasing these stories of their “reunion” to the media and/or the stories of their “bickering” to the media.  That’s why I like reading Michelle’s blog, Straight from the A, I have to be real, I’ve been reading her blog for a couple of years, and this woman ALWAYS has the tea.  And when I say always, I mean ALWAYS.

Via Straight from the A:

Kim and Nene are rumored to have officially squashed their ongoing beef and Zolciak gladly spilled the news via twitter a few weeks back, that she was back in Leakes’ good graces, stating:

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Kim Zolciak’s Lawyer Says Kandi Burruss is Tardy for the Lawsuit

23 Mar
Picture Courtesy of Rolling Out

Picture Courtesy of Rolling Out

I’m going to be honest, I believe that Kim didn’t pay Kandi, and according to Michelle from Straight from the A, the reason why Kandi is just now filing the lawsuit is because Bravo wouldn’t let her file it earlier.

But anyways, according to Kim Zolciak’s lawyer, the ‘Tardy for the Party,’ singer paid the Grammy award winner, Kandi Burruss, already, and Kandi is just filing this lawsuit for ratings for the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion.

Via Radar Online:

Not only does Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak refute the lawsuit filed against her by castmate Kandi Burruss, but the Tardy For The Party singer claims she’s already paid her more than $23,000 in royalties!

“The lawsuit has absolutely no merit. Kim’s attorney and account have double and triple checked everything that she’s done,” Kim’s rep Mike Paul told RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview.

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Gossip Jack: Why? Because it Feels So Good

16 Mar

Gossip Jack - Why Because it Feels so Good

Beyonce loves Gwyneth Paltrow and Gwyneth Paltrow loves Beyonce.  How sweet.  Entertainmentwise

Some of these celebrities on this list make me sad and some of them make me quite happy.  How about you?  Allie is Wired

Some asshat posted a bunch of celebrities personal info, like social security numbers and ish, online.  I truly hope the FBI catches him.  That is just wrong what he did.  Yahoo News

Ghana tells Chris Brown to just Say No, via a lawsuit of course.  Urban Islandz

Katie Holmes and Bobbie Brown cosmetics?  That should be interesting. Telegraph.co.uk

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Walter Jackson is Pissed

15 Mar
Picture Courtesy of gossiponthis.com

Picture Courtesy of gossiponthis.com

Awwww poor baby.  For the record, Michelle Brown, from Straight from the A, has been saying all of this and a lot more for awhile now.

Via Straight from the A

After I exclusively leaked word that Kenya was threatening to “out” Walter on the high-rated reality show, Jackson decided to spill it all in an interview with an Atlanta radio station.

Kenya’s fake relationship could have been devastating to the show, but her crazy antics saved the day and people quickly forgot how Moore manipulated her way onto the cast.

That being said, Jackson doesn’t like the fact that he isn’t getting any “Bravo” airtime to speak his peace and he hit the tweets to clear up any misconceptions that he was a paid actor.

Walter JacksonWalter Jackson (2)


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Kenya Moore is Better then Kim Kardashian

7 Feb

Kenya Moore is Better then Kim Kardashian

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this makes me so happy.  I bet Kris Jenner is SEETHING right now, knowing that even her precious Kimmy’s stunt pregnancy can’t save their falling empire.  Soon my kiddies the Kardashian’s will be going the route of Paris Hilton.

Via LA Late:

Kenya Moore antics on RHOA are substantially hurting Kim Kardashian’s TV ratings reign. Kenya Moore’s workout video, Stallion Fitness, dominated most of the storylines during last week’s RHOA telecast. And while Kenya’s confrontation with the other housewives proved explosive during the final minutes of the Bravo hour, the real shocker wasn’t for a housewife but for a Kardashian.

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Kenya Moore is Crazy

21 Jan
Picture Courtesy of Crushable.com

Picture Courtesy of Crushable.com

I watched last nights episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, and let me tell you, Kenya Moore is crazy, but so is Phaedra, I’m sorry LOL, but Phaedra really is the queen of pretending.

Via Examiner:

This week, things got ugly when Phaedra said she thinks Kenya has some sort of “chemical imbalance” and that her behavior is indicative of someone who is bipolar. Phaedra also strongly implied that Kenya has a drinking problem.

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Kenya Moore is Still Delusional

8 Jan
Picture Courtesy of Sandra Rose/Bravo TV

Picture Courtesy of Sandra Rose/Bravo TV

Ok seriously though, this chick has some issues.  I don’t even think she’s pretending, I really think she is bat shit crazy.

Via Examiner.com:

Kenya Moore does not believe people that have said that she looks like Beyonce. Denying any notion that those comments have gone to her head Monday, Jan. 7, Moore says it’s flattering and an honor to be compared to the Grammy winning recording artist.

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NeNe Responds to Kandi

4 Dec

NeNe Responds to Kandi

I do agree with what NeNe said about Kim.  Kim absoultley did use Kandi for a couple of songs, and I don’t really think Kandi quite realized it as much as she tried to pretend she did.

Via Nene’s Blog

There are things that were shown in this episode that I don’t agree with. Kandi speaks negatively about me once again: lies can sometimes be damaging! Kandi has no idea who my friends are other than Cynthia, what business relationships I have, and to be honest, she doesn’t even know me that well. It’s simply human nature for two people to meet one another and not really click, but let’s not speak about things we truly have no knowledge of! Kandi can’t name one person I’ve ever befriended for a reason, because there are none. I’m the type of lady that doesn’t look for friendship. If one develops, then I welcome it. Kandi loves to say she’s been in the business for 19 years and has accomplished so much. I wonder why I didn’t befriend her. Kim befriended her for a song! Maybe I should have befriended her so I could walk around all day with balls stuck in my vagina!

Reagardless of whether you like NeNe or not, that balls stuck to her vagina comment was HILARIOUS.

NeNe Leakes is Red Hot

5 Oct

Reality/TV Star, NeNe Leakes, was spotted arriving at Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live show, wearing a gorgeous, red hot A.L.C. Landry shirt dress, which features navy blue contrasting sleeves.  Always a fan of Christian Louboutin, NeNe paired her trendy shirt dress, with even trendier black Christian Louboutin Python Pigalle Pumps.

Theresa Giudice is Crazy

1 Oct

I am absolutely addicted to Reality TV.  It’s an addiction I’ve had ever since the original Real World (you know when the cast were actually “REAL PEOPLE”), anyways, it’s rare you come across an actual real live crazy person on the screen.  And I mean really crazy, the type of crazy that has you actually feeling bad for the person.  Well Real Housewives of New Jersey, has the crazy all locked up in Theresa Guidice.  I mean this chick is really bonkers.  I’ve watched all of the seasons of Real Housewives of New Jersey, and it just interests me how this women can have ANY fans or friends.  I mean the shows are aired on national television right?

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