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Prince Jackson Will be on 90210

27 Feb
Picture Courtesy of Hollywood Reporter

Picture Courtesy of Hollywood Reporter

I think Prince Jackson is the cutest little thing ever.  Actually all of the Jackson kids are adorable, and very well adjusted, given all of the rumors and speculation regarding their childhood (personally I think Michael Jackson took DAMN good care of those kids, I think he loved them more then ANYBODY will EVER know), so with all of that being said, congratulations to Prince Jackson, he just snagged a role on ‘90210.’

Via Gossip Cop:

Prince Jackson will make his acting debut on “90210.”

The eldest son of Michael Jackson is slated to appear in the show’s season finale.

He’ll reportedly play Cooper, a trauma victim who bonds with Jessica Stroup’s character over dealing with medical issues. Jackson will be filming his scenes this week, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

It’s been a big month for the 16-year-old, who recently became a correspondent for “Entertainment Tonight.”

I am so happy that these kids could just possibly have a normal life.


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