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Gossip Jack: Why? Because it Feels So Good

19 Mar
Picture Courtesy of Bossip

Picture Courtesy of Bossip

Twitter has a patent.  YAAAYYYY!!!! CNET

Raise of hands, who really though the new show ‘Splash,‘ was going to actually be good?  Yeah that’s what I thought. The Daily Blabber from iVillage

Rashidah Ali is getting married.  FYI, she’s the chick with the red hair from Love and Hip Hop New York.  Examiner.com

So, would you like to see a list of celebrities that were rejected from Playboy?  No.  Well tough, because here you go.  International Business Times

Oh yeah, before I forget, Keyshia Cole said Beyonce sucks because Beyonce wants everyone to ‘Bow Down’.  Well, no she really didn’t, but whatever, just click the link and read the story for yourself.  Billboard

Tank featuring Chris Brown“Shots Fired.”  Complex.com (blog)

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