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Lil Scrappy Is In Love With Mary Jane

2 Jun
Picture Courtesy of www.drewreports.com

Picture Courtesy of http://www.drewreports.com

And she’s his main thang.  I kid, I kid, LOL.  But in all seriousness Lil Scrappy has checked himself into an Atlanta rehab facility for marijuana addiction over the week.

The self proclaimed “Prince of the South,” checked himself into rehab after failing a court-ordered drug test. Methinks the rapper did this to avoid jail time, last April he was jailed after refusing to resubmit to a urine test (he failed the original after it was decided that the urine he submitted was cold and believed to not be his), which means Lil Scrappy violated his probation and therefore was arrested.  After being arrested, he was forced to take another urine test, which he failed, and now he’s in a mandatory 30-day rehab sentence.

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Rihanna Got Caught with Mary Jane

20 Mar
Picture Courtesy of NY Daily News

Picture Courtesy of NY Daily News

I’m not even going to bother going into this, we all know the chick smokes Bud, and we all know she carries it with her.  We also all know nothing will happen to her either, but I did find this story sort of amusing LOL.

Via Hip Hollywood:

Apparently Mary Jane is on tour with Rihanna. While stopped at the Ambassador Bridge, which connects Michigan and Canada, ten tour buses were detained and searched after officials smelled weed. Authorities discovered marijuana on one of Rihanna’s tour buses.

TMZ reports police and their detection dogs searched each bus, and found that one of the passengers on board did in fact have marijuana. The individual allegedly had just a small amount in his possession, and was cited with a civil penalty.

The good news? Rihanna was not on board any of the buses. Close call.

Even if she was on the bus, nothing would’ve happened to her.

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