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Gossip Jack: Why? Because It Feels So Good

10 May

Gossip Jack - Why Because It Feels So Good

Of course Ali Lohan is “proud to be a Lohan,” you don’t just learn ass to ass from anyone.  Monsters and Critics.com

Damn, Kristen Stewart is apparently worse then Lindsay Lohan.  Look even though I don’t like Kristen Stewart, I will at least say she’s not worse then Lindsay Lohan.  The Stir

Hey guess what, this blogger, says Chris Brown and Rihanna shouldn’t be together.  Um no shit Sherlock, LOL. Idolator

I know someone who used to have seizures when they were younger, and the ish is crazy.  I hope Lil Wayne does get some serious help, so he doesn’t have to go through them anymore. Entertainmentwise

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