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Dina and Michael Lohan Are Still the Scum of the Earth

2 Jun
Picture Courtesy of www.tv3.ie

Picture Courtesy of http://www.tv3.ie

Alright readers, I have a question for you.  Say your celebrity, coke addicted, prostitute daughter ends up with court mandated rehab.  Now, do you a) support her by going to the family therapy sessions and NOT talk to the media at all or b) do you go on a talk show dedicated to exposing family lies which if revealed could not only potentially damage your daughter further but all of your other kids as well?

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The Kardashians are Trash

10 Apr
Picture Courtesy of www.people.com

Picture Courtesy of http://www.people.com

Truly they are.  I’m not going to buy this book, simply because I refuse to give ANY money to the Kardashians (let’s be honest, we all know that the Kardashians had something to do with these diaries being released).  

Anyways, if you are interested, Rob Kardashian’s Diaries goes on sale this week.

Via Page Six:

Kim Kardashian’s late dad — O.J. Simpson legal eagle Robert Kardashian — painfully documented his epic battles with her mother, Kris, over Kris’ alleged affair with former soccer pro Todd Waterman, and the details are coming to light for any Kardashian obsessives out there. According to “The Complete Kardashian Diaries,” In Touch’s “Collector’s Special,” Robert kept notes throughout 1989 and ’90 detailing his very rocky relationship with first wife Kris, in which he refers to her simply as “K.” “K w/ Todd all weekend,” one of the published handwritten entries reads, followed by notes saying, “slept on floor b/c she was so drunk,” “kicked her out,” “11th anniv. — what a joke” and “Kris slept out again — never home at all. Kids don’t even ask where she is.” The diaries even reflect that Robert “caught K at Todd’s apt” and “Told her I wanted a divorce.” “For two years Robert jotted down notes on his increasingly volatile marriage,” says the new publication. Also included in the 100-page Kardashian cache are private family photos of now-famous kids Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Rob, as well as an interview with Kardashian’s widow, Ellen, and even a psychologist’s full report on the family. Kardashian’s rep declined to comment.

Look, I know I’ve said this before, but I can’t help myself, Kris Jenner is an evil whore who deserves the worst kind of Karma EVER.  Not to mention, she is a disgusting individual who makes Dina Lohan look like freaking Mother Theresa.

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Lindsay Lohan Decided to Go Drinking

23 Mar
Picture Courtesy of Salon.com

Picture Courtesy of Salon.com

And no, this isn’t like the OTHER times she decided to go drinking.  This is time she decided to go a couple of days after the judge sentenced her to rehab.

I guess she wanted to get it in before she was forced to be sober for 90 days.

Via TMZ:

Lindsay Lohan continues to drink — and drink often — despite being sentenced this week to 90 days of lockdown rehab … TMZ has learned.Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ she was at the bar of her hotel in Beverly Hills just hours after her court hearing on Monday … knocking back vodka sodas. We’re told Lindsay did not seem fazed by the irony of the situation.It goes on — we’re told Lindsay went to a club in San Diego called FLUXX last night with a friend, arriving after midnight. Our spies say LiLo was wearing a Yankees cap and a hooded sweatshirt and sat at a VIP table ordering vodka on the rocks all night. We’re told Lindsay specifically request that vodka be served from a glass carafe … this way the table would not have any alcohol bottles on it.Sources close to Lindsay tell us she is adamant she does not have a substance abuse problem and doesn’t feel she needs professional help.She’s the only one.

I don’t even want this chick to get help anymore, I just want her to fade away.

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Lindsay Lohan went Clubbing

20 Mar

Are you surprised?  No.  Well, what if I told you it was DIRECTLY after the judge not only sentenced her to 90 days in rehab?   No, still not surprised.  LMAO, it’s cool, neither was I.

Via Rumor Fix:


Just hours after Lindsay Lohan was ordered by a judge to enroll in a 90 day rehab facility, Lindsay is ready to party.

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Michael Lohan is Still a Bad Father

19 Mar
Picture Courtesy of Business Insider

Picture Courtesy of Business Insider

No seriously, when will this dick learn.  Damn, this guy needs to get a clue, and/or crawl into a hole and die.

Via Radar Online:

Just hours after being sentenced to 90 days in a lock-down rehab facility Lindsay Lohan tried to go to a Hollywood nightclub and this decision infuriated her father Michael Lohan!

“Are you kidding me?” Papa Lohan ranted exclusively to RadarOnline.com about his troubled 26-year-old daughter hitting up the AV nightclub late Monday night.

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Dina Lohan is a Drunken Mess

16 Mar
Picture Courtesy of www.intouchweekly.com

Picture Courtesy of http://www.intouchweekly.com

Damn, can this chick EVER get it together.  Seriously, is it necessary to be completely shit faced at a freaking charity event?

Via NY Daily News:

It appeared Dina Lohan was trying to compete with potential bidders Carlos Slim Helu, the world’s richest man, and Cuba Gooding Jr. at the Rock Love Art Ball on the lower East Side Tuesday. Turns out, she was just drunkingly flailing her hands in the air during a charity auction.

“There was a dinner and it’s safe to say that Dina was drunk by the end of it,” says our spy. “She said the self-serve steak on the table was the best steak she had ever eaten. And when someone would receive an award, Dina would start clapping and stand up, the only one in the room standing.”

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Gossip Jack: Why? Because It Feels So Good

13 Feb

Gossip Jack - Why Because It Feels So Good

This makes me so sad, that there are actually enough Reality TV Stars to make a list.  Perez Hilton

Men, please read this.  Valentine’s Day is coming up, so that means dress like an actual man, and not like a little boy.  ABC News

108 years!!! Damn that’s a long time to be on this earth. WBFS

Justin Timberlake and Jay Z are supposedly touring together.  Sounds interesting actually.  Gossip Cop

Beyonce speaks on surrogacy claims.  Entertainmentwise

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Lindsay Lohan’s Lawyer Can’t Find Her

13 Feb
Picture Courtesy of twanatells.com

Picture Courtesy of twanatells.com

Surprise, surprise, surprise.  Maybe if he offers Lindsay money to “meet” with him, she will show up.

Via TMZ:

One of Lindsay Lohan’s lawyers is admitting she can’t get in touch with her, can’t make her sit down for a deposition in a pending lawsuit — and, most importantly, she doesn’t want to get blamed for her client’s world class flakiness.As we reported, photog Grigor Balyan recently filed docs claiming Lindsay’s been busy partying instead of sitting for a deposition in his lawsuit against her. Balyan claims Lindsay’s assistant drove into him while leaving a Hollywood nightclub back in 2010 … with LiLo riding shotgun.Now, attorney Julia Azrael — who represents Lohan in this case — has filed documents … insisting she shouldn’t be held responsible for Lindsay’s disappearing act.Azrael writes, “I have made many efforts to convince Lohan to appear for her deposition. I do not know how to reach her directly.”In the docs, Azrael claims she has to go through Lindsay’s other lawyer, Mark Heller, to get through to Linds — and says Heller’s been stringing her along.Balyan has asked the judge to fine Lindsay and Azrael for giving him the runaround.

Lindsay and Dina Lohan Are Getting Evicted

11 Feb
Picture Courtesy of twanatells.com

Picture Courtesy of twanatells.com

You see, this is why the Lohan’s are so amusing to me.  No matter how outrageous the reports are, or how many conflicting ones are out there, because it’s the Lohans it ALL seems feaisible.  LOL

Via NY Post:

A process server slapped Lindsay and Dina Lohan with court papers yesterday — part of Chase Bank’s years-long battle to foreclose on their Long Island mansion, sources said.

The server tacked the court papers on the front gate of the troubled star’s childhood house in Merrick, where Dina and Lindsay brawled in October.

The court documents — which a source said names both Lindsay, 26, and her mom, Dina, 50 — were inside an envelope marked simply: “Important Information Enclosed.”

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Michael Lohan Really Wants to Win Father of the Year

11 Feb
Picture Courtesy of Examiner.com

Picture Courtesy of Examiner.com

LMFAO, you see what I did there?  Sarcasm at it’s finest folks.

Via NY Daily News:

Lindsay Lohan’s father, Michael, whose ex, Dina, is writing a scalding tell-all book that is not expected to portray him favorably, has decided to become an author too.

He has signed a deal to pen his own memoir about the wacky family, according to TMZ.

The book is tentatively titled, “I Am Not Daddy Dearest . . . If I Can Turn It All Around, You Can Too!”

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