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Kim Kardashian is a Liar and Famewhore

6 May
Picture Courtesy of Us Magazine

Picture Courtesy of Us Magazine

I know, it’s not very shocking at all.  However, what I am shocked at, is that I actually did want to believe that Kim Kardashian wasn’t going to be a complete famewhore, and actually let her baby have a semi normal life.

I know, dumb of me, but hey, I was truly trying to be on her side.

Via Zee News:

Kardashian, who is all set to give birth in July, has previously stated that her child will be off-limits when the cameras roll.

When asked in an interview with The Times Magazine whether she would include her unborn child on her shows she said that she is not sure right now.

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Gossip Jack: Why? Because It Feels So Good

2 Apr

Gossip Jack - Why Because It Feels So Good

Basketball Wives Jennifer Williams is getting her own show.  What do you guys think?  Glamber Girl Blog

Honestly, I’m really excited about Beyonce and Andre 3000 covering Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black for The Great Gatsby remake.  Consequence of Sound

Ok, so shoot me.  The idea of Kourtney Kardashian being a surrogate for Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom, really makes me happy, and sort of love them (and when I say them, I mean Kourtney and Khloe, Kim Kardashian is still a vapid whore, who I truly don’t like).  National Ledger

I don’t really understand why people want Chris Brown to talk about the incident between him and Rihanna back in 2009.  It’s not like it’s going to really change anyone’s opinion about him.  Examiner.com

Awwwww, a Beyonce, Jay Z, and Blue Ivy, Easter sounds waaayyyy to cute for words.  Mirror.co.uk

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Jesseca White is a Gold Digger

13 Mar
Picture Courtesy of www.last.fm

Picture Courtesy of http://www.last.fm

Look, I have NO sympathy for chicks who decide to get impregnated by the stars on purpose so they can get a paycheck.  The only reason why this chick is trying to sue now, is because the whole “get impregnated by a star” thing didn’t work, because Ne-Yo was smart enough to get a paternity test.

Via TMZ:

A woman who once claimed Ne-Yo was her baby daddy is suing the rapper, claiming he defamed her by trashing her on a TV show.  Jesseca White claims in her lawsuit … Ne-Yo went on VH1 and painted her as “an unchaste woman who deliberately tricked him into believing he was the father of her child … so that she could fraudulently bilk him of ‘ungodly amounts of money.'”Jesseca and Ne-Yo used to bang. Jesseca had a kid in 2005 and she listed Ne-Yo as the daddy on the birth certificate. A paternity test proved otherwise.Jesseca alleges she told Ne-Yo at the time she gave birth she wasn’t sure he was the father, but Ne-Yo went on VH1 and claimed she tried to aggressively defraud him. As a result of the show — which was a “Behind the Music” about Ne-Yo — Jesseca says people have called her all sorts of names, including “c**t,” “bitch,” “pathetic” and “gold-digging bitch.”She also claims her career as a photog and a graphic designer has been torpedoed.Jesseca is suing for unspecified damages.

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are Having a Girl

25 Feb
Picture Courtesy of EOnline

Picture Courtesy of EOnline

I really hope this is true.  I also hope that the Kardashian curse continues, and Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian whore out this child to no end.  I know, it may not be the most nicest thing to say, but whatever, I truly think this will be the thing to bring Kanye West and maybe even Kim Kardashian, back down to Earth.

Via Radar Online:

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting a girl!

A source close to the couple spilled the beans to US Weekly and says Kanye always wanted a daughter.

Kim hasn’t officially confirmed her baby’s gender but last month she confided to Jimmy Kimmel about Kanye’s feelings about the pregnancy: “It is really cute how excited he is.”

I will say this, I think it’s adorable how happy Kanye West is about his baby.


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Who is Lauryn Hill’s Baby Daddy?

23 Sep

Picture courtesy of Ms Drama TV


Via TMZ:

Wyclef Jean’s claim that Lauryn Hill duped him into thinking he knocked her up … is “bulls**t” and a money-making ploy — at least according to Lauryn’s real baby daddy … Rohan Marley.
Wyclef dropped the bomb about his ex Fugees bandmate in his new autobiography … claiming they had an affair in 1996 — while he was married — and Lauryn made him believe he fathered her first child, Zion David.

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