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Say It Ain’t So Dutchess

10 May

Dutchess (Header)

So, I don’t know if you guys watched the show “Black Ink Crew” on VH1 (side note: I did, that show was completely my crack, and I truly hope they get a season 2, oh and also, that chick Alex is not even Cray Cray, she’s fucking CRAZY, I mean seriously, how psycho can one person get), anyways, Dutchess from the show, she was the chick with the dreads that almost beat Alex’s ass and who got into a relationship with her boss Ceaser, is apparently a stripper.  Yup, that’s right, another reality chick doing stripping.

Check out the pictures below (via Baller Alert/Pow-TV)

You know, I really, really hope this is just because she’s always wanted to be a stripper, and decided to use her new found fame to be able to strip at one of the most popular strip clubs around (I’m going to be honest ya’ll, I’d do it, stripping seems like fun, you know as long as you aren’t doing it because you can’t pay your bills, etc.), and not because a. the checks stop coming in, and b. because Ceaser isn’t helping out like he should.

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