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Amanda Bynes Loves the Strippers

7 May
Picture Courtesy of HipHopHollywood.com

Picture Courtesy of HipHopHollywood.com

Look, I love strip clubs just as much as the next girl, and I while I can also agree that some strippers are quite pretty, I have never looked at the stripper and thought, “Damn I want to look EXACTLY like her.”  Then again, I am not a rich screwed up child actress.  Which leads me into this lovely little tidbit about Amanda Bynes.

Via E! Online:

The mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a question mark and topped with a blond wig known as Amanda Bynes is transforming before our very eyes. But transforming into what, you ask? A certain famous stripper. Maybe.

In a recent interview, Amanda revealed the inspiration behind her new look: “I wanted to look like Blac Chyna.” Blac Chyna being the stripper turned video girl turned rap reference who boasts blonde bangs and cheek piercings.

Well here’s hoping, Amanda gets to work on a pole like her idol, then get knocked up by a C list rapper.  Goals you know, you have to em.

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Gossip Jack: Why? Because it Feels so Good

6 May

Gossip Jack - Why Because it Feels so Good

I know a lot of people will disagree with me, however, I don’t feel like Lil Wayne (or Rick Ross) for that matter should’ve gotten dropped from either of their endorsements.  That will not change rap music at all.  Zap2It

Katie Price says Beyonce wasn’t using common sense when she banned photographers from her tour.  What do you guy’s think?  Is Beyonce overreacting?  Now Magazine

Awwww Beyonce wants more kids with Jay Z.  I think that’s so sweet.  Little Blue Ivy definitely does need a sibling LOL. Times of India


Chris Brown celebrated his birthday with Karrueche Tran.  And the Rihanna break up rumors will soon be starting in 3…2…1…  Mirror

Nicki Minaj to replace Halle Berry as the new X-Men?  I’m going to go ahead and give a big fat no on that one.  Capital FM

According to Maxim (well actually, according to Miley Cyrus Twitter account), she is the #1 hottest piece of ass out there.  Granted, she does have a nice ass, but I wouldn’t say the hottest. Dnaindia

Beyonce finally breaks her silence regarding her trip to Cuba, via an open letter.  CBS Local

Kim Kardashian is a Liar and Famewhore

6 May
Picture Courtesy of Us Magazine

Picture Courtesy of Us Magazine

I know, it’s not very shocking at all.  However, what I am shocked at, is that I actually did want to believe that Kim Kardashian wasn’t going to be a complete famewhore, and actually let her baby have a semi normal life.

I know, dumb of me, but hey, I was truly trying to be on her side.

Via Zee News:

Kardashian, who is all set to give birth in July, has previously stated that her child will be off-limits when the cameras roll.

When asked in an interview with The Times Magazine whether she would include her unborn child on her shows she said that she is not sure right now.

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Poor, Poor, Amanda Bynes

10 Apr
Picture Courtesy of www.ibtimes.com

Picture Courtesy of http://www.ibtimes.com

Now you guys’ know I love me some Amanda Bynes, and I actually feel very bad for her (hey I even have a bit of a soft spot for Lindsay Lohan too), so this really made me sad to see over at Enty’s, Crazy Days and Nights:

Blind Items Revealed

December 14, 2012

This former almost A list tweener and now probably a B-/C+ actress who has trouble finding work says she feels used by her now ex-boyfriend. He had dumped her before and she begged him to take her back so he did but made her film some sex scenes together. He won’t give them to anyone she doesn’t think, but as soon as he got them he dumped her. She also says he borrowed a ton of money from her but had enough to buy his new girlfriend a car.

Amanda Bynes

As you guy’s know I read Enty’s website all the time, and trust me when I say, he has a lot more dirt on Amanda, that makes you actually feel bad for her.

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Not only do I hope she finally gets the help she needs, but I hope her asshole ex also gets an enema, the rough way.

Kim Kardashian Wears Spanx

1 Apr
Picture Courtesy of Perez Hilton

Picture Courtesy of Perez Hilton

Look, everyone knows I strongly dislike this chick, however, I don’t really think it’s a big deal she’s wearing spanx while pregnant   Sure she’s a vapid whore, but come on now, this is just too much.

Via The Daily Mail:

She said she wasn’t going to succumb to maternity wear anytime soon, and Kim Kardashian certainly stayed true to her word on Tuesday.

The reality star put on quite the fashion show when she stepped out in an array of short, tight and leather-themed outfits as she hit New York to promote her new movie, Tyler Perry’s Temptation.

In the face of critics who have conceded that the star has piled on the pounds throughout her pregnancy, Kim went to great pains to show that she can still pull off her usual racy attire.

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Amanda Bynes Needs to Stay Off Twitter

1 Apr
Picture Courtesy of Perez Hilton

Picture Courtesy of Perez Hilton

It’s sad that Amanda Bynes is trying to become Lindsay Lohan 2.0, remember when she had so much promise?  Sigh, I really hope she gets it together.

Anyways, this weekend Amanda Bynes, decided it would be a great PR move to go on another asinine Twitter rant (you know, because the other Twitter and Instagram rants she has gone on, has helped further her career a lot already).  This time, she’s not telling Drake to “murder her vagina,” or calling Jay Z “ugyly,” no this time she went on a Twitter rant against an “ex,” saying “When you write me on twitter and I ignore you it’s because I plan on ignoring you on twitter and in life forever,” and “If I’m not following you on twitter Quit acting like you know me,” and  “I want to be the only one you adore,” oh and this one, which I thought was kind of funny, “If you were hot, I’d be so into you. Dedicated to my exes still tryna holla.”  

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Gossip Jack: Why? Because it Feels So Good

16 Mar

Gossip Jack - Why Because it Feels so Good

Beyonce loves Gwyneth Paltrow and Gwyneth Paltrow loves Beyonce.  How sweet.  Entertainmentwise

Some of these celebrities on this list make me sad and some of them make me quite happy.  How about you?  Allie is Wired

Some asshat posted a bunch of celebrities personal info, like social security numbers and ish, online.  I truly hope the FBI catches him.  That is just wrong what he did.  Yahoo News

Ghana tells Chris Brown to just Say No, via a lawsuit of course.  Urban Islandz

Katie Holmes and Bobbie Brown cosmetics?  That should be interesting. Telegraph.co.uk

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Amanda Bynes Still a Hot Mess

14 Mar
Picture Courtesy of People.com

Picture Courtesy of People.com

Now with cheek piercings and a bigger, blonder wig.  But in all seriousness, this really makes me pretty sad.  Especially since I remember Amanda Bynes career.  I remember when she went to the nerdy, funny, awkward girl, to the super hot, nerdy, funny, awkward girl.

Anyways, now she’s just Lindsay Lohan 2.0.  Check out Amanda’s new look in the header pic.

Via Page Six:

Amanda Bynes debuted a shocking makeover barely recognizable from her Nickelodeon heyday.

She tweeted a photo of herself wearing a curly blonde wig tucked under an orange beanie, a cheek piercing and talon-shaped nails.

In another recent photo, the retired actress’ eyes appear glazed over while wearing a cop hat, two cheek piercings on both sides of her face and two chunky gold necklaces.

The once-promising star has mystified many New Yorkers with her bizarre antics. She casually told Us Weekly in a questionnaire that she wants to lose another 20 pounds on her already slim frame.

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Ashlee Simpson Forgot She Had a Son

28 Feb
Picture Courtesy of www.last.fm

Picture Courtesy of http://www.last.fm

Or so it would seem.  According to Radar Online, Pete Wentz, is worried that Ashlee’s boozing, slutty, partying  ways are a bad influence on their son.  Hmm go, figure.

Anyways, check out what Radar Online had to say:

The Fall Out Boy bassist is concerned that Ashlee’s continued carousing could negatively affect her role as a mother, and he has warned the 28-year-old to slow down and take a break, for her good and for their son’s well being.

“Ashlee is in the dog house right now with Pete,” a source tells Radar. “He’s concerned that she’s burning the candle at both ends and worried about the effect on Bronx if she continues in this current state.

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Gossip Jack: Why? Because it Feels So Good

2 Oct

I hope she’s found alive and well. CBS Local – Miami

Good for T-Boz.  She’s had it pretty darn rough.  TLC was my ish back in the day. Ahhh who am I kidding I still jam to their songs LOL.  Digital Spy

I’m sorry, but Ashton Kutcher’s twin looks NOTHING like him.  Buzzfeed

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