Dina and Michael Lohan Are Still the Scum of the Earth

2 Jun
Picture Courtesy of www.tv3.ie

Picture Courtesy of http://www.tv3.ie

Alright readers, I have a question for you.  Say your celebrity, coke addicted, prostitute daughter ends up with court mandated rehab.  Now, do you a) support her by going to the family therapy sessions and NOT talk to the media at all or b) do you go on a talk show dedicated to exposing family lies which if revealed could not only potentially damage your daughter further but all of your other kids as well?

Whelp readers, if you chose option A) then you obviously don’t know what it’s like to be famous because you decided to pimp out your daughter to the highest bidder.

Via TMZ:

Dina Lohan says she’s come West to support daughter Lindsay Lohan who is struggling to get better in rehab — but hey, if she can make a buck along the way — or 50,000 of them — why not?As we told you … Dina and Michael Lohan went nuclear on each other Thursday during a taping of a new show that uses lie detectors to settle disputes.  Dina and Michael were at each other’s throats over Lindsay, infidelity … the usual.So why would Dina and Michael go on a show?  To help Lindsay get better?  Unlikely.  To settle their differences?  That’s never gonna happen.  The reason is simple.  Dina got $50 grand, and it didn’t feel dirty because we’re told she got Lindsay’s permission in advance.We’re told Dina plans to use the money to bail herself out of the financial mess over the family’s Long Island home, which has been teetering on the edge of foreclosure.We couldn’t nail down what Michael got from his appearance.  Maybe he did it for free.  Yeah, that made us laugh too.

Ugh, you know what’s even more disgusting, you know either her mother and/or father, sold this story to TMZ. SMDH.

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