Lindsay Lohan Wants to Adopt

9 May

Lindsay Lohan Wants to Adopt

God, are you listening, please, please, please be listening right now.  DO NOT ALLOW LINDSAY LOHAN TO ADOPT.  Now look I know you allowed the Slut Queen to get pregnant (a.k.a. Kim Kardashian), but the Kardashians at least don’t eat their young, so I can see why you would allow this.  But dear God, please don’t allow Lindsay Lohan to adopt (or worse yet, get “accidently pregnant”).

I’m sure everyone is aware that if this does happen, then the Apocalypse isn’t far behind, because it’s apparent that Satan would’ve been born unto the Earth.  That’s the only thing that could ever survive Lindsay Lohan as their mother.

Via Contact Music:

“I love kids. But I want to adopt my first child, not just because it’s a trend or whatever, but I want to help a child and take one in and have it be my own. And then have some more myself, either two or four,” quoted the 26-year-old as saying.

Oh dear God, she wants, 2 or 4 kids. I.don’t.even.know.  I’m sure not even Canada would be safe.  On a side note, I think it’s interesting that this chick thinks she would be a good candidate for adoption.  Seriously, if there was ever a bad candidate  for adoption, it would be Lindsay freaking Lohan.

What do you readers think?  Should Lindsay Lohan be allowed to be in charge of someone’s life?

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