Lil Wayne and Trick Daddy are Fighting

6 May

Lil Wayne and Trick Daddy are Fighting

LMAO, really?  A beef between Lil Wayne and Trick Daddy?  LOL, that is the funniest thing I have read all day.  Before I tell you Trick Daddy’s response (via TMZ of course), let me explain what happened, apparently back in April, Weezy F Baby was chilling at King of Diamonds (real quick side note, I totes can’t wait to go to King of Diamonds), when he began to feel a little uneasy by Trick Daddy and his crew, so Weezy decided to leave.

As he was leaving, someone from Trick Daddy’s crew decided it would be an awesome idea to throw a lit cigarette in Weezy’s dreads (notice how it’s always someone from the crew that has major balls, it’s like, boy please sit down, you are a male groupie, that is it, so don’t get your panties all in a wad), but don’t fear, there wasn’t any brawling  because the King of Diamond’s security jumped in and defused the whole situation.  So anyways, flash forward, damn near a month later, and you have Trick Daddy saying this to TMZ:

“If I [wanted to start s**t with Lil Wayne] he would have been in the hospital for a different reason than a seizure.”

I know right, that’s real mature.  Oh and now Birdman is on the case, apparently he’s the Al Sharpton of the rap community or some crap.

FYI, in case you are wondering why these two even have beef to begin with, according to TMZ, Trick Daddy is all butt hurt that Wayne went on a Twitter rant back in February.  Which is ridiculous if you ask me.  Look I get wanting to rep your city and stuff (personally I think Miami is the greatest freaking city ever), however, I’m going to need these rappers to stop acting like they actually discovered the city and ish.  Stuff is NEVER that serious.

What do you readers think?  Did Wayne or Trick Daddy overreact regarding the city love/diss?

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