Kanye West is Surprised

10 Apr
Picture Courtesy of Us Magazine

Picture Courtesy of Us Magazine

I want to know if this man truly expected more?  I mean his baby mama (if that’s even his baby) is a notorious whore (and no it’s not because she’s linked to all types of men, it’s because she is an actual whore, who not only has sex for ratings, but also has sex in order to become and stay famous), so why Kanye West would be surprised that Kim Kardashian is calling Reggie Bush, is in itself a surprise.

Anyways, according to the newest issue of OK! Magazine, Kim Kardashian is contacting Reggie Bush again.

Via OK Magazine:

“There’s a big smile on Kim Kardashian’s face these days — and it’s all because of Reggie Bush!” declares OK! 

“They have had several phone calls after he reached out to congratulate her on her pregnancy,” an “insider” tells OK!, adding, “With his own baby on the way, they had a lot to talk about.”

But OK! says West “wasn’t happy” about the contact.

Ok! Magazine goes on to explain, “He isn’t thrilled that Reggie has been trying to rekindle his friendship with Kim. When they first started dating, Kanye didn’t want to start a relationship until he knew she was over her exes.”

OK! claims Kardashian “doesn’t want anyone telling her who she can be friends with.”

“Kim thinks Kanye’s being paranoid and can’t believe he wouldn’t trust her!” says Ok! Magazine.

Uhhh yeah, you see this is where I disagree with Kim once again, and probably a lot of other women.  Look, when it comes to the father of your children, and you dealing with an ex that you used to be in love with, wanted to marry, and everything else under the sun with, the father of your child  ABSOULETEY can tell you who to be friends with.  I don’t see many women all ok with their baby daddy being friends with their exes, so why is it ok for the women to do it.

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