Nene Leakes And Kim Zolciak Are Probably Not Friends

6 Apr
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Picture Courtesy of

When it comes to these two, I am never surprised about anything.  I can see both of these two releasing these stories of their “reunion” to the media and/or the stories of their “bickering” to the media.  That’s why I like reading Michelle’s blog, Straight from the A, I have to be real, I’ve been reading her blog for a couple of years, and this woman ALWAYS has the tea.  And when I say always, I mean ALWAYS.

Via Straight from the A:

Kim and Nene are rumored to have officially squashed their ongoing beef and Zolciak gladly spilled the news via twitter a few weeks back, that she was back in Leakes’ good graces, stating:


Zolciak even expressed her love for Nene in a recent E! interview:


I do talk to NeNe, which I know is surprising to a lot of people, but we’ve had a long chat and we’re in a really good place.

She matters more to me than anyone else because we were friends years before ‘Real Housewives.’

We have a lot of history together and my girls love her.

Leakes, on the other hand, hasn’t been as positive about her relationship with Zolciak and it seems her feelings are a stark contrast to Kim’s wordy response.

In fact, while she admits moving past the drama, Nene doesn’t consider Kim, who is believed to have uttered the “N” word in reference to her RHOA castmates on more than one occasion, as a “Friend”.

Nene recently clarified her true feelings about Kim with the following statement:

Lately people have been saying that Kim and I are back friends…

What I feel like that Kim and I did was let the past be the past and agree to move forward…. I just think the word ‘friend’ is a very strong word.

Now you see, if you guys go on over and check out Michelle’s blog, you will see she has all of the tea on the Real Housewives of Atlanta (and on my favorite addiction, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta), and believe me it’s always pipping hot.




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