Reality Bites: Murder Suspect Goes on Killing Rampage in Police Station

5 Apr
Picture Courtesy of NY Daily News

Picture Courtesy of NY Daily News

I agree with the article writer, how the hell did this guy get a gun into the police station to begin with?

Via NY Daily News:

A murder suspect shot a cop who was interviewing him before he turned the gun on himself, Mississippi authorities said.

Detective Eric Smith, 40, and 23-year-old Jeremy Powell were found riddled with bullets at police headquarters in Jackson.

On Friday, Mississippi Bureau of Investigation spokesman Warren Strain said that Powell first shot Smith before shooting himself, clearing up the murky details that previously surrounded the deaths. It was unclear after initial investigations how Powell ended up being killed.

Smith was in the process of interrogating Powell on the third floor of the Jackson Police Department building late Thursday afternoon. Sources told the Clarion Ledger that the two were arguing before Powell overpowered Smith and took his gun.

A volley of gunshots rang out, and officers rushed to the room to find both men dead. Each had been shot several times.

Powell had been detained earlier in the afternoon for the alleged Monday killing of Christopher Alexander.

Smith, who worked in the Robbery-Homicide Division and led the investigations of a number of high-profile murder cases, had been a cop since 1995.

Jackson Police Chief Rebecca Coleman and Mayor Harvey Johnson Jr. requested that a moment of silence be observed at noon Friday.

“Let us all come together as a city to mourn the loss of this exceptional member of the Jackson Police Department family,” Johnson said in a statement, according to the Associated Press. “Though we will never know the full measure of sorrow experienced by the family of Detective Smith, we can let them know that we stand with them during this difficult time.”

This really does suck.  I feel so bad for both families.

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