Miranda Lambert Will Cut a Bitch

5 Apr
Picture Courtesy of Us Magazine

Picture Courtesy of Us Magazine

Well probably not, but still.  Judging by the pictures I found of Miranda Lambert with Blake Shelton, I would say this chick is serious about her man, and is probably not above a little cutting.

Anyhoo, According to the National Enquirer, Miranda Lambert is jealous of Blake Shelton flirting with new ‘The Voice’ judge, Shakira.

Via The National Enquirer:

He’s like a little puppy dog around Shakira, and she plays it for all it’s worth. One of Miranda’s spies got word to her that Blake was smitten with Shakira, and she laid into him and made him promise to cut the flirting and not embarrass her.”

But Blake is having too much fun with the hip-shak­ing Colombian bombshell to quit, says the source.

“HE KNOWS HE’S PLAYING with fire, so he warned Shakira that when Miranda visits the set they need to play it cool because she’s the jealous type.

“Shakira just laughed it off and said, ‘Don’t worry – I know how to handle jealous wives.’”

Miranda, 29, has reason to be worried about her nearly two-year marriage to the “Honey Bee”singer. The handsome 36-year-old fell for Miranda while he was still married to his first wife, Kaynette Williams.

And, as The ENQUIRER exclusively reported in December, Blake and Miranda got into huge fights over his close relation­ship with the winner of last season’s “The Voice,” gorgeous 23-year-old.

I really like Shakira, so I’m hopping this isn’t true.

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