Do You Know How to Peep Game?

3 Apr

Buttafly Jonez' Interview With Miss V

I want to welcome you to the first of many interviews with people you may or may not have heard of.  For my first interview, I was lucky enough to have Buttafly Jonez from, answer some questions, and trust me it was worth it.

I first found while looking for blogs to read. When I discovered her blog, it was an instant click.  I loved the writing style, the design, and the way she communicated with her readers. A lot of bloggers, tend to forget, they, too, were once a “nobody.” with dreams of interviewing their idols, and make it big like the people they admire.  Fortunately for us, Buttafly did not follow that path.

Not only does she answer all the emails she receives, she is willing to share her love, incite and knowledge.

Therefore, it is my privilege to share with you the following interview.

Tell me about yourself, something your readers may not know.

First and foremost, thank-you for the opportunity to share…

I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois.  I’m one of 3 and I happen to have a twin brother.  Most people are surprised by that fact.  But yeah, I have a twin.  Other than that, I have a degree in Business Administration and a Masters in G.A.M.E.  A few months out of college and a few weeks into my first real job, I realized what I wanted I couldn’t get from a 9 to 5.  It took a minute and few moves, but I’m here.  Self-Made!

If you had to describe yourself as detail-oriented or big-picture oriented, which would you choose?  Why?

I’m absolutely a big picture person!  I’m a visionary.  I can see the possibilities in things—what something can be, not just what it is.  At the same time, I’m a Virgo.  We tend to focus on details, to analyze a thing in depth.  I’m working on blending the best of those worlds, to balance BIG thinking with the little actions necessary to accomplish those BIG goals.

What made you decide to start blogging? 

I love to read!  I connected with a few blogs I really enjoyed and the women who write those blogs inspired me to start my own website.  I wanted to do something different though.  I’ve wanted to write a Playas Guide for Women for a looong time.

What made you take the first steps to become a blogger?

Like I said, I’d carried the idea for “Peep Game” around for a long time, but I wasn’t sure how I wanted to approach it.  When I tapped into the blogging game, I put 2 and 2 together.  One day I logged onto Blogger.Com and wrote a post.  It wasn’t until I got my first 1000 views and first comments that I believed I was onto something.

Describe your specific skills and experience related to Blogging?

My degree is in business and I have a minor in marketing.  Those skills help me run my website as a business.  I’ve also worked as a personal coach and motivational speaker.  Actually, that’s how I started coaching women.  When people I know started to solicit my advice and ask how much I’d charge for a coaching session, I knew I was ready to go public if you will.  Writing comes natural to me so expressing thought in words is easy.

Do you remember when you felt your blog had really made it?  What happened to make you feel like, this is it, and is going to pay the bills?

That realization came over time not really in one moment.  I got a few calls from TV producers who wanted me on their shows.  Then, a few celebs started following me on Twitter.  Then one talk show producer called me and said “Everyone in the industry is talking about your website!  We’ve watched all your videos…”  That floored me and helped me realize PeepGame.Net was bonafide and certified.

 Tell me about one catastrophic experience you’ve had in regards to blogging and how you handled it?  How did you correct the situation and kept it from happening again?

I remember updating my blog software about 6 months into the site’s launch.  In one click my whole blog was destroyed.  Luckily the content of my posts didn’t get deleted, but every bit of code, every tag, every design element was gone.  At the time I was clueless how to fix the situation.  I called my hosting provider and spent hours researching solutions online.  No answers from the hosting provider other than to start over.  No solutions from my web searches.  Everything I found was so advanced technologically, it seemed like I was reading Greek.  It took me 3 weeks and countless hours to get the site back up.  During that time I lost virtually all of my regular readers.  I had to watch the numbers dwindle down to nothing.  It even took Google a while to index my site properly again.  Since we didn’t yet have a Facebook or Twitter account, I had no way of communicating with readers.  That was a rough time, but through that experience I learned how to fix virtually any bug on my site.  When things happen (and they do at the most ridiculous times) I can take a few hours and work it out.

Give an example of a time when you felt the greatest sense of accomplishment writing a blog?

My intention with PeepGame.Net is to teach women how to Peep Game (meaning knowing when they are being played), how to flip the game (on men who are doing them dirty), and how to run game (which means taking control of their dating lives and creating relationships with men that are mutually-beneficial.

When I get letters from readers that say, “I peeped game because of such and such post” or “This guy I’m dating just bought me ____ because you taught me how to ask for what I want,” I feel successful.  I get those kinds of letters often so I know “Peep Game” is doing what I hoped it would–elevating the consciousness of women.

What was the most challenging topic you’ve covered?

Believe it or not,   the topic I hesitated tackling was male relationship experts who claim they’re helping women but are really giving advice that keeps them lost in the game.  The moment I published that post called “Are You Following a Pimp Right Down The Path to Relationship Disaster,” I knew I’d get some heat.  The thing is there are some men giving advice to women that is of little or no benefit to women.  Everything they preach is dis-empowing rather than empowering.  Then they cloak the lie in some phrase like, “I’m keeping it real ladies.”

For example there’s a guy who wrote a book for women that’s supposed to teach women how to be players, but that same guy has said (in response to the post I mentioned above) that women can’t be players.  If that’s not double talk I don’t know what is.  I see it often—men giving backwards advice women couldn’t possibly use successfully.

“Don’t hold out on sex or the guy will lose interest.”  “Don’t expect a man to pay for the first date.  Be independent and offer to pay for yourself.”  “Don’t pressure a man into marriage.  Just wait for him to come around.”

Some women are running with that false information thinking they have to have sex day one, pay for the date, and sit quietly waiting for a man they’ve had 3 children with to decide he’s ready for marriage.  Come on!

Not every expert is FOR YOU if you know what I mean.  You have to align yourself with someone who has your best interests at heart.  If someone is dishing out advice that is not to your benefit, that’s a clue they can’t help you!

I’m still getting flak from that post though so…

What was the most successful topic you’ve covered in the past? In the present?

I wrote a post one day during a flash of inspiration.  I titled it “Are You Pimping on Your Hands and Knees?  This Is Why You Are Hustling Backwards!” That post connected with women like lightening.  Even our male readers loved the article.  I wrote it in about 30 minutes but it has become my blog’s signature post.  If someone wants to know what “Peep Game” is all about, I’d point them to that post.  It’s the raw and real about the dating game…with no filter.

How would you describe your work style?

I used to hold myself to a strict schedule.  This and that had to be covered on this day in this way.  I don’t do that anymore.  I’ve written my best stuff during moments of inspiration.  I allow myself the freedom to write when the urge hits now.  I definitely try to cover certain current events that relate to The Game of Life or The Game of Love, but I don’t force posts.  I let things flow.

What are some strategies you use for managing and prioritizing work for yourself when there is too much work and too little time?

My business has expanded.  I no longer just write Peep Game, My Street Queen Media Company manages 3 websites as well as my video series “Confessions of a Female Mack.”  Those responsibilities demand my attention daily.  There are definitely days when I wonder how everything will get done.  I used to stress a lot about deadlines and schedules, but that took the fun out of running an empire.  What’s the benefit of being the boss if you can’t act like one?  Delegation was the solution for me.  I started delegating more tasks to my employees.  I also write down what I need to do in my phone and plug away at the list until I get everything done.  Most importantly, when things feel overwhelming I take the day off.  Usually doing that reenergizes me and the next day I get twice as much done.

What approaches do you use in communicating with different people, customers, staff, co-workers, management? How do you know you are communicating effectively?

Currently I communicate the most with advertisers, other bloggers, and the people who book me for speaking engagements.  I have a simple strategy that includes…respond to requests, be professional yet personable, and end communications in such a way that people think of Buttafly Jonez and first when new opportunities arise or when they have a titillating scoop I can use.

What kind of things do you do to market your blog and keep it a success?

I respond to most emails from readers.  And, I keep track of the people who contact me personally and give them the extra attention they deserve.  That encourages people to spread the word.  I also utilize Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to post new material and stay connected with our Playgirls and Guys.  YouTube is another amazing marketing tool as well as a 2nd stream of revenue.  We’re getting new subscribers daily on YouTube which is great.  The more people connected to you, the better.

What types of things to do you do to promote your blog?

The Internet is all about making connections.  To succeed at an online business you need to not only connect with readers, but other blogs and bloggers.  At Street Queen Media, we’ve developed a marketing strategy that is working beautifully.  We are able to use our own content to generate traffic for all 3 of our sites.  We also communicate with and respond to bloggers who reach out to us, which almost always results in a link back to “Peep Game.”  Of course that’s just a piece of the pie…

I appreciate you profiling me on your blog.  Much success to you Miss V in all your endeavors and congratulations on the official launch of

Buttafly Jonez

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Like this post?  Want to see more? Have any tips or ideas for upcoming posts?  Want to be featured on this website?  Well if so, then you can contact Miss V below.


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