Khole Kardashian Forgets Who She Is

2 Apr

Khole Kardashian Forgets Who She Is

No, she really did, or at least, she forget her sister is Kim Kardashian, biggest whore in all the whore land.  Look, I completely agree with Khloe, it is an asshole thing to do, to make fun of a pregnant woman gaining weight, however, you know what else is an asshole thing to do?  Have a sham wedding, milking people out of millions of dollars, and then keeping said millions, after it is proven without a reasonable doubt that the marriage was a sham.

Via Entertainmentwise:

Showing support for her sister who will be expecting her first child with rapper beau Kanye West in July and has found herself at the centre of negative criticism about her weight, Khloe told Entertainment Tonight:

“Honestly, I think it’s so disgusting that anybody would criticize someone that’s pregnant.”

Insisting that Kim is “happy and healthy”, Khloe added:

“You should be enjoying your pregnancy, and eating what you want — Kim is healthy and works out and does everything in moderation. I think it’s disgusting anyone would pick on anyone’s weight — especially a pregnant person.”

Again, while I do agree, it’s an asshole thing to make fun of a fat pregnant woman, I don’t think it’s an asshole thing to do, to make fun of whoreish Kim Kardashian, who is not only a whore, but she’s also a vapid, poor excuse for a human being.  I have some serious dislike for this whore, and I actually wish and hope, her daughter comes out to not only rival Lindsay Lohan, but puts Lindsay Lohan to shame.

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