Breaking News: Lindsay Lohan is a Klepto

2 Apr

Breaking News - Lindsay Lohan is a Klepto

Why do people insist on hiring this chick?  And if they want to hire her, why do they insist on not nailing everything on the set, in her trailer, and anything else in this Klepto’s path to the floor?  You know what, nevermind, seriously, at this point, I don’t even feel bad for the people she screws over anymore.  I feel like it’s their karma for enabling her.

Via TMZ:

Lindsay Lohan allegedly stole jewelry and wardrobe items from the set of “Anger Management” … this according to sources on the set.

We’re told during filming … Lindsay decided she was going out clubbing one night, and took a bracelet, a necklace, earrings, pants and shoes from the wardrobe department. Yes, the stuff never came back.

Sources say Lindsay told people on the show … producers would just take the value of the items out of her salary, but we’re told that ABSOLUTELY wasn’t the deal.

And there’s more … Multiple sources on the set tell TMZ Lindsay was “the biggest prima donna ever on ‘Anger Management.'” We’re told she showed up 2 hours late the second day, refused to come out of her trailer for 2 hours, left early to go clubbing and threatened not to return.

Sources say the crew broke out in applause when she left, calling her a “nightmare.”

Is anyone surprised?  No really, is anyone surprised?  You know, it’s pretty fucked up, when Charlie Sheen is not only the more responsible one out of the bunch, but that he’s also the most professional.

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