Lindsay Lohan Says, “Not Without My Adderall”

1 Apr
Picture Courtesy of The Week

Picture Courtesy of The Week

TMZ is reporting that the only way Lindsay Lohan will agree to taking the rehab plea deal that her lawyer has worked out with Prosecutors, is if she can bring her Adderall with her.

Adderall is a drug that is used to treat ADHD, so I can sort of understand why she would be really afraid to go to rehab without it, however, isn’t the whole point of rehab to get her off of ALL of the drugs she uses?

Whatever, I’m going to be honest, I truly don’t believe anything will happen to this chick, and she will end up out living us all.

Via TMZ:

Our sources say Lindsay has taken Adderall — used to treat Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and misused for various other purposes — daily for years.  She believes she needs it to function.We’re told Lindsay was steadfast — either attach Adderall to the deal or she’d take her chances at trial.  Sources say Lindsay’s lawyer, Mark Heller, assured her he could find a lockdown rehab facility that would accommodate her demand.Heller may not be able to deliver … fact is, there’s no such thing as a lockdown rehab facility that would take Lindsay, much less allow her to take the drug.It’s pretty ironic … when Lindsay was jailed back in 2010, she got a doctor to prescribe Adderall while she was behind bars … even though her ADHD diagnosis was called into serious question. A number of people in Lindsay’s life believe it was the Adderall that led to her downfall.

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