Kris Jenner Throws Kourtney Kardashian Under The Bus

1 Apr
Picture Courtesy of  Posh 24

Picture Courtesy of Posh 24

Who in the Kardashian camp decided it would be a good idea to pay this french model to say this BS?

Via Hollyscoop:

Our favorite part of ANY Kardashian reality TV show is when Kourtney Kardashian’s boyfriend Scott Disickshows up. He’s all sorts of “argghh, my big schlong” and “screw alligators” and “Kourtney lose weight!” He’s so funny, so you can imagine our DEVASTATION when we found out that Scott might not be the father of Mason Disick.

Some model named Michael Girgenti (free publicity Michael, enjoy it while it lasts) claims he had a fleeting affair with Kourtney in 2008 after they met at a photo shoot and Kourtney was “on a break” from Scott and claims that Mason is actually his biological kid.

9 months after Michael and Kourtney supposedly hooked up, Mason was born. This according to Michael and In Touch. Apparently he and Kourtney met while doing a magazine shoot for 944 mag. They posed together in the scandalous shoot and then went back to his Glendale pad and got together in the biblical sense.

Because we’ve seen more than a normal amount of Kardashian related TV shows and have them committed to memory, we totally remember the episode when Kourtney does the 944 photo shoot AND the episode when she found out she was pregnant and according to the show, Kourt and Scott WERE on a break when she told him she was knocked up. But, this Michael dude could just be out for free publicity since he IS a model.

A source close to the Kardashians tells Hollyscoop that none of it is true.

“This isn’t true and she only met this guy once at a shoot years ago,” says the source.

Either way, the dude is insisting that Mason take a DNA test to prove he is the father.

“He deserves to know his real father,” says Michael.

“DNA! DNA! DNA!” says the Jerry Springer audience.

Sometimes, it truly amazes me the lengths this shitty ass family will go to, in order to stay relevant.  Everyday I swear I feel worse, and worse for Kanye’s daughter.

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