Robert Pattinson is Tired of Kristen Stewart

24 Mar

Robert Pattinson The Today Show "Guests"

I will once again, preface this whole post with the fact I think this entire relationship is and was bullshit from the start, there, now that I got that off of my chest, I can report this totes “accurate story.”

According to sources over at Hollywood Life, Robert Pattinson enjoyed being in Australia, away from Kristen Stewart, so much, he’s calling his trip, a breath of fresh air.

Aaaannnd take it away Hollywood Life:

While filming ‘The Rover’ in Australia, Robert spent 64 days away from Kristen. And even though they’re back together in L.A., in a new interview the film’s director claims that Rob didenjoy his time alone.

A previous report that claimed that Robert Pattinson was happy to be away from Kristen Stewart may be true after all.

David Michod, director of The Rover, Rob’s new film that he just finished shooting in Australia recently opened up to Australian entertainment magazine, WHO.

He explained that being out in Australia was probably better for Rob, allowing him the chance to get away from Hollywood.

“He’s very smart,” David said. “It’s been one of the beaut experiences [for him] … to roam around and breathe fresh air, but the flies are driving him crazy.”

So basically, what this story is saying is that, Robert Pattinson doesn’t like to be up his girlfriend’s ass 24/7.  Hmm now that’s a shocker.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, yes, yes it is kind of a slow news day.  But hey, give me a break, it’s better then ANOTHER Kardashian story, am I right?

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