Kroy Biermann Plans to Adopt Kim Zolciak’s Kids

24 Mar
Picture Courtesy of

Picture Courtesy of

You know, I always wondered who the whores and sluts get all of the good men (then again, it’s been rumored that Kroy is racist, so I don’t know) but either way, I will say this, the fact that Kroy wants to adopt Kim’s kids, is quite amicable, sweet, and very cute.  And I honestly can say, despite saying Kim is a gold digging whore, I have nothing else bad to say about this story.

Via TMZ:

Sources tell TMZ … Kroy is set to file paperwork in Georgia court (it’s a process) to become the legal father of 15-year-old Brielle and 11-year-old Ariana. FYI — the girls’ biological father has been out of the picture for awhile.According to our sources, Kroy — who plays for the Atlanta Falcons — considers the girls his own and wants to make it official. We’re told Kim already gave her blessing and the girls are 100% on board. Kroy is headed to court next month, where a judge will have to sign off on the adoption.

You see what I mean, that’s so incredibly sweet.  Oh, and in case you forgot, the ‘Tardy for the Party,’ couple already have 2 children together, 1-year-old Kroy and 6-month-old Kash.

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