Kanye West Says No to Plastic Surgery

23 Mar
Picture Courtesy of US Magazine

Picture Courtesy of US Magazine

Kanye West is reportedly telling Kim Kardashian that she is not allowed to have plastic surgery after the baby is born, which leads me to believe that she’s had plastic surgery before, which is interesting becasue Kim swears up and down that she has never had plastic surgery. LMAO.

Via OMG:

Kanye West is reportedly forbidding Kim Kardashian to have plastic surgery after she gives birth this Spring. Reports claim the rapper is against the idea after the death of his mother, Donda, who died from complications during plastic surgery in 2007.

Kim Kardashian has made no secrets about her troubles with pregnancy especially her weight gain. However it’s claimed that Kanye is forbidding Kim to go through with a ‘tummy tuck’ procedure according to Hollywoodlife.

It’s thought that Kanye has a personal vendetta against elective procedures after his 58-year-old mom Donda — with whom he was super close — died from plastic surgery complications and ever since, he has been extremely hesitant to allow any of his loved ones to go under the knife.

A source close the couple told the website, “Kanye ain’t controlling, but he would be in this situation. That’s something he’s against like for real for real,” the insider revealed. “He don’t want Kim to be doing that sh*t, you know that’s what took his mom’s back in the day so he definitely don’t want Kim do be f***ing around like that.”

Kim has been hitting the gym hard as of late, amid rumours that she fears her weight gain could make Kanye cheat on her. However new reports claim that Kanye doesn’t even think she needs the risky surgery. “Kanye likes her just the way she is,” the source adds.

Kim has recently admitted that she has slowed down her way of life after miscarriage scares.

This chick is going to have way more plastic surgery, however, I do applaud her for not getting any while pregnant.

Oh and on a side note, methinks the Kardashians are setting the stage for a Kimye breakup, i.e. when the break up inevitably happens be prepared for the stories to be all Kanye West was mean and controlling, and that’s why Kim left him.

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  1. Miss V April 18, 2013 at 2:10 PM #

    LOL I’m sorry, what?

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