Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner are Full of Shit

20 Mar
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Picture Courtesy of

They truly are.  Before I let you guys read the bullshit that I found over at Hollywood Hiccups, I just want to say that this whooolllee story is bullshit.  Kim Kardashian would HAPPILY let Kourtney raise her baby, however, she already knows she can’t because the backlash that she would receive would be of epic proportions and dare I say, we would probably be rid of the Kardashians forever.

So anyways,  back to this total bullshit story that Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner released (because you totally know that either one of them are the “source” that keeps talking), apparently Kris Jenner wants Kourtney Kardashian to raise Kim Kardashian’s baby, and Kim isn’t “happy” about it.  Yeah, that’s because she’s fucking ecstatic instead.

The only thing about this story that I would say is not complete and utter bullshit, would be the part about Kanye West not wanting his newborn daughter on TV.

Via Hollywood Hiccups:

Kris Jenner is giving Kim Kardashian no time from shooting scenes for their reality show as she has made it clear to her daughter she should prepare herself for cameras following her every move just days once she’s given birth. The momager is aware that Kim is the moneymaker in the family and seeing that they are shooting another series of their reality show over the summer, Kim is they key person to be filmed seeing that she’s given birth in June.

However, Kim isn’t too happy about this and neither is her beau Kanye West. The rapper has already told Kim that he doesn’t want her on the reality show, and definitely not with the baby, adding that it’s not okay for a newborn mother to be showing off her baby to the world. He wants her to have some privacy for herself, especially now that she’s having his baby, which she has agreed on but Kris won’t drop the subject.

Without Kim, the reality shows such as ‘Keeping Up…’ won’t draw in the ratings that it usually has, which is around 3 million viewers per episode. The 32-year old has told her mother that whatever weird plans she has up her sleeve to get her back to work just days after giving birth will not be happening. Kim has already agreed on popping in for several episodes of their show, but to go back as a regular once she is a mother is not going to happen.

Kris informed Kim that “Kourtney, already a mother of two, will pitch in with the heavy-lifting.”

“Kim was livid. She told Kris, ‘You want Kourtney to raise MY baby?’,” a close friend shared. “Kim couldn’t decide which was more insulting — her mother questioning her parental abilities or making it crystal clear that she’s simply an ATM for the whole family.”

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