Justin Bieber’s Fans are Batshit Crazy

19 Mar
Picture Courtesy of popdust.com

Picture Courtesy of popdust.com

No really, they are.  I mean seriously batshit crazy.  Remember back when Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez started dating, and all of his fans started sending the poor girl death threats?  Yeah, that shit is crazy.  Remember the chick that was arrested because she was seriously going to attempt to kill Selena Gomez?  Yeah crazy.

Anyways, apparently when Selena Gomez was on the Late Show with David Letterman last night, she made a little joke about making Justin cry, and let’s just say, the Belieber’s lost their shit.

Via Entertainmentwise

“Selena Gomez claims she made Justin cry, and then she laughed after saying it. How pathetic,” said one unimpressed follower. Another wrote: “She basically said she made him cry. Could have kept your mouth shut Selena, instead of telling the whole WORLD omfg.”

A particularly annoyed fan tweeted Selena directly: “@selenagomez: “I made him cry” “that makes two of us” well guess what selena? I cant sing or act, I guess that makes two of us (sic)”.

“I don’t understand how you can be a Belieber and still like Selena i mean after everything she put Justin trough….,” raged another supporter, whilst another chimed in with: “used to respect Selena but now I just can’t do it.She shade Justin and made him cry and shes proud of it. I lost all of my respect to her”.

Look, let’s be real, Justin Bieber is a bit of a bitch.  It’s cool though, and honestly, Selena Gomez might’ve been his first love, so he probably did cry when she broke up with him (side note: reportedly she broke up with him because she was tired of him cheating on her with random skanks, so I say props to her for that), no big deal, and honestly, if she did break up with him because he cheated, then fuck him if he did cry, he shouldn’t have cheated on her.

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