Gay Man Paints House in Rainbow Colors

19 Mar

Gay Man Paints House in Rainbow Colors

The house is really pretty too.  And he did a great job painting.

Via The Daily Mail:

A charity founder bought a house opposite the Westboro Baptist Church headquarters in Topeka, Kansas, so he could protest against the group and celebrate homosexuality by painting it in rainbow colors today. 

Aaron Jackson, 31, who founded Planting Peace which supports orphanages in the developing world, decided the paint-job would be the perfect counter protest to the organization who are known for their ‘God Hates Fags’ placards and anti-gay preaching. 

The two bedroom house, which cost $81,000, now sits proudly re-colored directly opposite the founding base of the non-affiliated group which describes itself as a ‘church’.

The guerrilla protest against the Westboro Baptists is particularly fitting given their sporadic demonstrations interrupting the funerals of dead servicemen with their odd anti-gay rhetoric and chants.

The small sect believe homosexuality is the root of all the world’s evil and the refusal to denounce it is the cause of all tragedy, including deaths in war.

 Jackson says other neighbors on the street have pledged their support for his stand against the group and their perverse preaching. 

‘Instead of millions of children around the world getting this hate message, they’re going to see this message of compassion and love,’ Jackson told Gawker

‘People keep coming out, honking horns, taking pictures,’ he told Fox News

The Westboro Baptist Church, which is believed to have just a few dozen members, was founded at the property in Topeka in 1955 by Fred Phelps. 

Jackson bought the small house across the road six months ago but has waited to paint it in the multi-color design until today. 

He told KUHF.FM he was inspired by 9-year-old Josef Miles who hit the headlines with his own Topeka protest against the Westboro Baptists. 

The child stood in front of ‘church-members’ carrying their ‘God Hates Gays’ signs with his own pencil drawn ‘God Hates No One’ design on a sketchpad. 

Jackson has named the property ‘Equality House’ and plans to fly a large rainbow flag outside on a 30-foot flag pole. 

He doesn’t intend to live at the property but hopes it can become a base for work on equality and LGBT rights. 

‘The view is what I bought the home for,’ he said.

A Twitter account purporting to represent the ‘church’ mentioned the ‘fag flag house’ next door several times in Tweets today.  

The rainbow flag has been an emblem of the LGBT movement since the 1970s.


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