Breaking News: People Are Idiots

16 Mar
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Picture Courtesy of

No, seriously, they are.  Please explain, why you would not only steal an iPad, but then take pictures with said stolen iPad, and then send them to the person that you stole the iPad from.

That’s just dumb.  Not to mention, sad.  I mean how bored are you.

Via Fox

A North Little Rock man is on a mission to find the person he says stole his iPad.

His quest is creating quite the social media stir as he is posting the culprit’s, not-so-flattering, pictures on Facebook for everyone to see. 

This woman is either knowingly or unwittingly sending pictures of herself to this man. 

Her face is all over Facebook. Her name, we don’t know. We can’t call her a thief. She may not even be a criminal.

She is however, the main suspect of a personal investigation by Allen Engstrom. 

“I have no idea whether or not someone will say hey I know this person,” he briefly explained.

Engstrom says this woman in question has his iPad and for the time being, he’s having some fun with it.

“Every time I get a picture of her it’s like a continuing fountain of entertainment.”

It started out as a pesky problem amongst the family devices.

“My son will take a picture on his iPod and it will end up on my iPhone.”

It’s a feature of iCloud. When he left his iPad on an airplane though it somehow ended up in the woman’s hands.

That’s when the unnamed woman started taking pictures of herself and whether she knows or not, they are photo streamed back to Engstrom’s family devices.

Engstrom says he wants to take a picture of himself with a sign that says “I want my iPad back” and hopefully she’ll get the point.

There are ways to pinpoint most Apple products through an app called “Find My iPhone”.

You can track the exact location of the device on a map. You can lock the phone and display a message. You can even have it play a sound. 

Engstrom unfortunately didn’t have it or it’s location services on.

“It’s sad that somebody lost their device.” Zach McDonald with The iPhone Guys said. He added it may be gone for good.

“If he didn’t [have the features on] then he’s kinda probably at a loss and relying on the goodwill of social media.”

Engstrom hasn’t filed a theft report on this yet. After all the attention though, he said he plans to.

He says the iPad has/had his name and email address etched on the back with the message please return.

Engstrom’s friends and what now may be a fan club have taken it and ran with it. 

He shared, “People are telling me it’s going viral right now.”

Some are investigating on his behalf. There are some smart people working with Engstrom to get the iPad back using facial recognition through Google and other software. 

Most people however, are just poking fun.

So if Engstrom never sees his iPad again, at least he’s had some worthwhile entertainment.

I hope she gets caught.  I truly do.  However, I’d like to know, how the hell it was possible for this guy to leave his iPad on the plane.  Like seriously, sometimes people have to much money.

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