Katy Perry and Rihanna are Friends Again

21 Feb
Picture Courtesy of soletron.com

Picture Courtesy of soletron.com

I honestly hope this is true.  I really would hate the fact if Katy Perry had truly stopped being friends with Rihanna because she was back with Chris Brown.  While I do understand where she was coming from, if the rumor is true, I still don’t agree with it.  People like Rihanna need unconditional love and support, no matter what.

Via Hollywood Life:

What better way to squash feud rumors than to send your one and only “frenemy” a birthday message! That’s exactly what Katy Perry did, wishing Rihanna, her “baby girl,” a very happy birthday on Feb. 20! She also used some crude language to address all the “haters,” but it’s way too provocative to post above the line. Keep reading to see what she tweeted!

 Katy tweeted on Feb. 20, “HAPPIEST 25TH BIRTHDAY to my baby girl @rihanna! I wish I could b there drinking Mai-Tais & telling haters to eat a d**k w/u!”

LOL, you see, this is why I am so glad that the rumor isn’t true, and that they are still friends.  It actually makes my heart melt a little bit.  *le sigh*

FYI, that header pic is seriously my favorite pic of these two ever.  I mean really, who has never taken a little nibble out of their best friend’s shoulder before?

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