The Scoop: You Are Beautiful No Matter What

19 Feb

The Scoop - You Are Beautiful No Matter What

You know, with all of the ratchet and terrible stories going around about social media sites like, Facebook and Twitter, it’s really refreshing to read something like this.

Via Daily Mail:

A photo of a breast cancer survivor’s tattooed chest has been shared by hundreds of thousands of Facebook users after the social networking giant repeatably tried to remove it.

The image showing the torso of a double mastectomy patient inked with colorful and intricate designs was posted by Lee Roller of the Ontario-based company Custom Tattoo Design.

He said that after he shared the picture, which was taken from the book Bodies of Subversion: A Secret History of Women and Tattoo, it was promptly removed because it violated Facebook’s rules on nudity.

Mr Roller decided to re-post the photo in protest, asking other users to show awareness and support by Liking and sharing it.

As of today the image has attracted 145,385 Likes, 119,150 shares and 17,683 comments. Most people are in favor of the picture and express anger at Facebook.

One commentator wrote: ‘If there’s porn on Facebook how can this be removed?’

Another added: ‘I don’t particularly like tattoos, but I must say that this is far from offensive. Whoever said so is blind, sexist, ignorant, and very closed minded to say the least.’

Anger: After the image was banned Mr Roller re-posted it in protest, asking others to show awareness and support by Liking and sharing it

Mr Roller said that he has also been contacted by dozens of women who want to have the same designs inked on their bodies.

‘It’s exciting for us as a company to back something this strong,’ he added.

Facebook has since stated that the image will not be removed again, however some independent users have asked Mr Roller to take it down.

‘I don’t particularly like tattoos, but I must say that this is far from offensive… Whoever said so is blind’

‘I have firmly let them know we will not remove the photo and in most cases I have removed these individuals from our site,’ he explained.

Facebook’s guidelines on nudity and pornography currently read: “Facebook has a strict policy against the sharing of pornographic content and any explicitly sexual content where a minor is involved. 

‘We also impose limitations on the display of nudity. We aspire to respect people’s right to share content of personal importance, whether those are photos of a sculpture like Michelangelo’s David or family photos of a child breastfeeding.’

The woman in the photograph Mr Roller shared is Inga Duncan Thornell and the designs were completed by Seattle-based artist Tina Baforo.

Ms Thornell reveals on her blog that it took one Sunday a month over two-and-a-half years to complete the design.

The tattoo is absolutely gorgeous too.  Please share this story on all of your social media accounts.  Hopefully it will make someone smile.  We could all learn from this woman.  She definitely turned a negative into a positive on all accounts.



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