Beyonce and Jay Z to go to Neverland?

19 Feb

Beyonce and Jay Z to go to Neverland

This is a crazy ass rumor.

Via The Metro:

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are said to be ‘interested’ in buying Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch.

The power couple toured Jacko’s 2,700-acre Southern California estate and according to Jackson family sources they ‘are even interested in buying it.’

Shortly after the rap mogul released his Watch the Throne documentary last year, the superstar couple jetted off to the King of Pop’s abandoned palace, where they toured the property with Colony Capital owner Thomas Barrack Jr., who manages the estate.

The 99 Problems rapper didn’t deny touring the £19million property but told the New York Post: ‘I’ve got no interest in Neverland.’

According to the paper a sibling of Michael’s said that his children – Prince Michael Jackson II, Paris Jackson and Michael Jackson Jr. (Blanket) who are heirs to his billion-dollar fortune – get upset each time reports surface of a potential Neverland sale.

‘It’s the home they loved, the home their father loved and where they can still connect with him,’ the family member said.

Michael’s brother Randy Jackson told the paper: ‘It is something that we want to keep in the family.’

The Jacksons continue to believe there is a real chance the rap impresario and New Jersey Nets minority owner will make a play for the estate, which has been vacant since Jacko fled to Bahrain in 2005 after winning acquittal of 13 criminal counts related to child molestation.

Let me say this.  If Jay Z and Beyonce buy the Neverland Ranch, the gossip out there is going to be RIDICULOUS. LMFAO.


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