The Scoop: Some People Need To Burn in Hell

14 Feb

The Scoop

They truly do.  There is no reason for this at all.  Children are supposed to be safe in their homes.  This is just so sad.  SMDH.

Via The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Washington came to the attention of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) Child Exploitation and Computer Crimes unit after one of the teens was picked up as a runaway.

“She actually just ran away and was picked by Clayton County (police) for being a runaway,” unit leader Special Agent Sandra Putnam told Channel 2 Action News.“Once she was placed in a secure facility and was interviewed by her caseworker … the caseworker learned she was a potential victim of this type of crime and notified the GBI.”

Putmnam said the girls were not being held against their will by Washington in her apartment. They were free to come and go as they pleased, but the teens were expected to turn tricks in exchange for food and a safe roof over their heads.

“A lot of these victims don’t feel like they have any other avenue to go in these types of situations,” Putnam said. “We have reason to believe there are other (victims).”

GBI spokesman John Bankhead told Channel 2 Action News a SWAT team breached the apartment door and entered the residence first because they believed Washington was armed and dangerous. But Washington was not at home at the time.


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