Gossip Jack: Why? Because It Feels So Good

13 Feb

Gossip Jack - Why Because It Feels So Good

This makes me so sad, that there are actually enough Reality TV Stars to make a list.  Perez Hilton

Men, please read this.  Valentine’s Day is coming up, so that means dress like an actual man, and not like a little boy.  ABC News

108 years!!! Damn that’s a long time to be on this earth. WBFS

Justin Timberlake and Jay Z are supposedly touring together.  Sounds interesting actually.  Gossip Cop

Beyonce speaks on surrogacy claims.  Entertainmentwise

This is so sad that the chief in the Chris Brown case resigned.  Either send the boy to jail or leave him alone.  Los Angeles Times

Of course this bitch Dina Lohan wants to be on “Dancing with the Stars,” please explain to me what she does again?  Besides fuck up her own children for money.  Yahoo News

Max George says he just “kissed” Lindsay Lohan.  Yeah right, everyone know’s this chick doesn’t “just kiss.”  Entertainmentwise

LMFAO, this is funny.  Check it out.   Celebuzz


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