Chris Brown Doesn’t Give Frank Ocean a Standing Ovation

11 Feb
Picture Courtesy of

Picture Courtesy of

I’d like to think it’s because Frank Ocean is a bit of a whiny bitch, and no I don’t mean because of the “supposed” fight between him and Chris Brown (personally I call bullshit on the whole thing, I don’t think either of them are truly that petty).

I’m going to hop on the it was a lover’s quarrel train, because then it would make all of this seem a lot more interesting.

Anyways, TMZ, has a bunch of pictures of Chris Brown *gasp* not standing when Frank Ocean received his award (I’d like to think maybe he didn’t stand because his feet were hurting, that’s a true thing you know), and now the blogging world is losing their shit over it, which makes for fun times, if you are into that sort of thing (hint, yes, yes I am).

Anyhoo, view the picture in the header, and let me know in the comments section who you think is the bigger bitch.  (I’m just going to say it’s a tie).




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