Breaking News: Jennifer Hudson Gets Asked a Different Question

11 Feb
Picture Courtesy of Madame Noire

Picture Courtesy of Madame Noire

Well not really.  You see, Jennifer Hudson is really only known for three things: 1) Being the fat black chick who won American Idol, 2) Being the fat black chick who “upstaged” Beyonce, and 3) Being the no longer fat black chick, so of course the only things she’s EVER going to be asked about is her weight, Beyonce, and American Idol (oh and about Punk, I think she will FOREVER be asked about Punk LOL).

Via Daily Mail:

When it comes to the new judges on American Idol, the show’s most famous daughter, Jennifer Hudson, isn’t going overboard with praise.

‘It’s taken a bit to get used to the new judges. I come from American Idol, so I’m used to seeing Simon, Paula and Randy,’ she explained about the latest season during an interview on Live with Kelly & Michael on Friday morning.

‘So now it’s new faces, and to me, [Cowell, Abdul and Jackson] represented the show. It’s kind of awkward for me to see it with new judges.’

But she did have some kind words for diva of divas, Mariah Carey.

‘Well, I’m happy that [Mariah Carey]‘s there because she’s a singer, so she knows what to expect, how to judge, even the position that the kids are in when they’re auditioning,’ she said.

But when asked about Keith Urban and Nicki Minaj – both successful artists, both singers – she could only respond with a vague, ‘Ummmm, yes.’

She was on the show to discuss her guest starring role as Veronica Moore, a Tony Award winning star on the new season of Smash.


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