Rick Ross Wants to be the New Biggie

8 Feb
Picture Courtesy of unbiasedwriter.com

Picture Courtesy of unbiasedwriter.com

That’s got to be it.  Look, I live in Miami, and let me tell you, ish is SERIOUS.

Via TMZ:

Rick Ross is laughing in the face of mortal danger — stepping out in L.A. Thursday with a big smile and a fat cigar … oblivious to the fact that someone may be trying to kill him.You may recall … Ross crashed his Rolls-Royce in Ft. Lauderdale January 28 after someone fired dozens of shots at his car.Ross and his passenger weren’t hurt — but it’s pretty obvious someone’s got it out for him … possibly a gang.When we shot this video of Ross leaving a Bev Hills restaurant … he made it very clear he has no fear.It’s the first time Ross has been seen out in public since the day of the shooting.

I am a for not living in fear, but I am also all for actually being able to live.  You know breathe.

This whole, I want to be a real gangster thing, needs to stop.  The difference between Biggie and Tupac and these so called “rappers” nowadays, is that Biggie and Tupac were gangsters first and rappers second.

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