Kenya Moore is Better then Kim Kardashian

7 Feb

Kenya Moore is Better then Kim Kardashian

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this makes me so happy.  I bet Kris Jenner is SEETHING right now, knowing that even her precious Kimmy’s stunt pregnancy can’t save their falling empire.  Soon my kiddies the Kardashian’s will be going the route of Paris Hilton.

Via LA Late:

Kenya Moore antics on RHOA are substantially hurting Kim Kardashian’s TV ratings reign. Kenya Moore’s workout video, Stallion Fitness, dominated most of the storylines during last week’s RHOA telecast. And while Kenya’s confrontation with the other housewives proved explosive during the final minutes of the Bravo hour, the real shocker wasn’t for a housewife but for a Kardashian.

In battling against RHOA, Kardashian’s “Kourtney & Kim Take Miami” season two debuted to disappointing ratings. The show posted a 2.2 overall ratings share. While still a strong number for Sunday night, the show was substantially down form the KKUWTK finale of season seven. That telecast drew an impressive 3.6 million viewers.

Several months ago, E! executives told news that they Kardashian shows could still deliver their high numbers. That was not the case last Sunday. Instead, RHOA last week delivered an impressive 3.25 ratings share last week.

This is soooo great.  I would like to point out that I don’t think Kenya Moore is the ENTIRE reason people are tuning in, but I will concede that she most def is a HUGE part of the reason.  The scripted crazy is just too great to turn away from.


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