Ciara Can’t Be This Desperate

4 Feb
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Whelp this is definitely some pipping hot tea.

Via Gossip Jacker:

Somebody please tell me how friendships work in Hollywood? Because what I have heard today kind of made me feel sad for Ciara. A friend of mine who is very close to Khadijah Haqq told me that Ciara is literally being ignored by Kim K and Lala and this has been going on for several weeks

I do not know how true it is but my friend told me that back in 2011, Ciara tried to get it in with Kanye at a party held by the former the French Vogue Editor in Paris,but he rudely turned her down (don’t ask me why) and later on went back to his hotel room alone. Ciara was so desperate to hang out with him and his crew that she ended up spending the night with Virgil Abloh (one of yeezy’s crew who was already married to a becky at the time) whose room was next to Yeezy, they did drugs together because she was down for whatever. Anyway according to my friend, Kanye West does no longer want Ciara around kim because he feels like she is a nobody who will hurt their brand and does not deserve to be “blessed” with their friendship. He wants his woman to socialize with the like of Beyonce and Gwynett Paltrow.

Ciara is still trying to get that super rich and famous boyfriend that would publicly claim her but she is disappointed not to be able to do better than Future. She really fell hard for 50 cents and all he did was booty callin’ her and make fun of her toes at any given opportunity.

Lala did tried to hook her up to NBA players and it worked twice for a while but they just wanted sex and she stays getting dumped for reasons unknown to herself. Lala is also giving her the cold shoulder. I understand that Lala has her own marital issues since she found out Carmelo might have knocked up that becky, sooner or later it will come out and all that but damn, ignoringCiara like that? smh

Oh and before I forget, I was also told that Ciara asked Kris Jenner to allow her starting some kind of PR relationship with Rob Kardashian but Kris refused and Rob wasn’t interested.

I truly hope this isn’t true, however, word around the campfire is that Ciara truly is this desperate.  *sigh*


2 Responses to “Ciara Can’t Be This Desperate”

  1. PrinceBj February 11, 2013 at 7:55 PM #

    LOL lies Ciara don’t need anybody to make her rich she already bankin! I need to see evidence and some other shit cuz this piece of shit of a post ain’t doin shit fo me…Whoever posted this needs slapped.

    • missvplace February 14, 2013 at 10:22 PM #

      LMAO, well sweetheart, seeing as how this is a gossip blog, and this was posted in the “Rumor Mill” section, you could possibly be right, regarding Ciara having money. I would like to thank you though for reading the post and taking the time to comment.

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