Lil Kim Shoots New “Jay Z” Video

25 Jan
Picture Courtesy of Lil Kim's Instagram

Picture Courtesy of Lil Kim’s Instagram

The picture above is Lil Kim in Queens, NY shooting her new video for her song, “Jay-Z.”  Yeah I’m wondering what it will sound like too.

Lil Kim shot the video at Club Glazz in Queens, and so far she has a few familair mafia faces showing up, like Tony Testa (his uncle, Joseph Carmine Testa was convicted of being the head of the Gambino crime family)  and Mob Wives’ Carla Faccilo.

Supposedly the song is for her newest protégée, Tiffany Foxx, and the song is supposed to pay homage to Jay-Z.

Look for the song on Tiffany’s debut solo mixtape Yellow Tape.

Check out the gallery below to see some pictures of the video from Kim’s Instagram account.

What do you guy’s think?  Can Lil Kim’s protégée actually make it in the music biz?


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