Joseline Hernandez Calls Chris Brown a Crackhead

23 Jan
Picture Courtesy of Gossip on This

Picture Courtesy of Gossip on This

It’s no secret that I love the ratchetness of Joseline Hernandez  however, I think a chick that is only famous because she’s Stevie J’s sidepiece AND because no one can figure out if she’s a man or a woman, should really not throw stones.

Via M Starz:

And while out promoting a party on The Ryan Cameron Show earlier in December, outspoken reality starlet Joseline Hernandez let her thoughts be known about the rumored Rihanna and Chris Brown reunion:

“Why is Rihanna going crazy over this ugly man?!… Rihanna – You’re beautiful! You know, you’ve got your career going. You’ve got your body going – and he’s not that cute! Chris Brown be looking like a crackhead to me sometimes; I’m sorry.”

While I do COMPLETELY agree with Joseline, did she take a look at the rat faced son of a bitch she deals with?


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