Is Social Media the New PR Machine?

23 Jan
Picture Courtesy of Perez HIlton

Picture Courtesy of Perez HIlton

My answer to that question is no.  At least not for celebrities.  While yes social media seems to be taking the place of a lot of PR people, it seems to be doing more damage then good to a lot of celebrities   Take Chris Brown for example, I truly believe the twitter rants he goes on and all of the little social media tantrums he throws also causes people to not believe he’s grown up.  There’s also other celebrities  who’s popularity has gotten SEVERELY hurt by being so accessible on social media.  Not to mention, when a celebrity does truly screw themselves over via social media, they still have their PR people come in and clean up the mess, so PR firms will ALWAYS be around.

Via Atlanta Black Star:

When a celebrity can break news to the masses with the tap of button, is there still a need for publicists?

Instant gratification has become a staple in today’s digitally charged environment; fans want constant updates from their favorite celebrities and social media is the avenue through which fans get their fix.

Take Kim Kardashian, for example. She frequently uses Twitter to promote her projects – the most recent being her widely anticipated show with one of her sisters “Kourtney and Kim Take Miami” – and oftentimes, her fans (many of them also celebrities) do the work for her. All she has to do is retweet — such as the following example where Kelly Rowland did her bidding.

FYI, I wish social media would make the Kardashian’s obsolete.  I just love the fact that her pregnancy is not garnering the type of attention they all thought it would LMFAO.


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