Kenya Moore is Crazy

21 Jan
Picture Courtesy of

Picture Courtesy of

I watched last nights episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, and let me tell you, Kenya Moore is crazy, but so is Phaedra, I’m sorry LOL, but Phaedra really is the queen of pretending.

Via Examiner:

This week, things got ugly when Phaedra said she thinks Kenya has some sort of “chemical imbalance” and that her behavior is indicative of someone who is bipolar. Phaedra also strongly implied that Kenya has a drinking problem.

Upon watching the episode, Kenya was not happy. “Oh so NOW I have a drinking problem?” I was drunk? I’m bipolar? I have NEVER spoken one bad thing about [Phaedra]. Horrendous lies,” tweeted the 41-year-old former Miss USA.

“So [Phaedra] stoops [to] demeaning hurtful lies [to] tarnish my name [because] we couldn’t make a deal work! Was NEVER a friend,” she continued.

Phaedra did not respond to Kenya’s tweets, but it seems there is no love lost between the two ladies, who have obviously not resolved their differences since the show was filmed!

I have to say, I love watching this hot ass mess.  I truly do.  Oh and that song of Kenya’s?  Pure hot mess genius   I mean seriously, the whooolllee thing was a hot mess, from the hair, to the lyrics, to the outfit.  The only thing that was fabulous, were her background dancers.


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