Kanye West Gay?

21 Jan
Picture Courtesy of Bitten and Bound

Picture Courtesy of Bitten and Bound

Every year a rumor pops up that Kanye West is gay.  Whenever this happens I’m always amused.  Personally, I don’t know if he’s gay or not, but what I do know is that I can’t stand his baby mama, Kim Kardashian.

Via Entertainment Wise

Bryanboy, who has over 359,000 followers on Twitter, wrote yesterday that he was the “last to know” the strange rumour – which seems to be pretty baseless.

 “Wait so Kanye West is gay?”, he wrote. “He and Riccardo Tisci were former f**k buddies/lovers? And Kim Kardashian is a beard? Why am I the last to know?”

 Bryanboy added: “Immaculate conception, artificial insemination…. for all you know, Kim Kardashian is probably Mama Mary incarnate”

 Tisci is a Givenchi Fashion designer, who is thought to have influenced Kanye’s foray into fashion.

 The New York Post’s Page Six column previously wrote: “Sources say the two have been hanging in New York and Brazil. And critics noticed a Givenchy influence on West’s clothes at his runway show in Paris, where Tisci sat front-row.”

LMAO, well I will say this, IF, Kanye West is gay, only Kanye would be gay with a notorious French fashion designer.


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