Stevie J Really Needs to Re-Think Things

9 Jan
Picture Courtesy of

Picture Courtesy of

Is Stevie J really trying to talk crap about this dude? Stevie.J.  The same dude who basically ensured that his daughter is most likely going to get run through by a whole lot of guys, at least in her teenage years (let’s all be honest with ourselves, unless her mother and father get some SERIOUS help and start respecting each other and themselves, that poor little girl is going to have some SERIOUS issues).


Stevie J is not happy about Mimi Faust having a new man in her life. Speaking out in an interview Wednesday, Stevie J says Mimi and Mona Scott Young better think twicebefore having her boyfriend join the cast of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.”

“Don’t use my kid to promote a stunt double. Dude been trying to get a deal for like 40 years. Mona and Mimi y’all better think this one out,” Stevie J told “The Ryan Cameron Morning Show” Wednesday. “Not with my daughter. Don’t use my daughter to get on the radio.”

While I can respect Stevie’s position on the matter (I do agree, you shouldn’t be using your daughter to promote things, especially your nobody boyfriend, but still this is Stevie J.  Where was all of this caring and worrying about his daughter’s well being, when he was disrespecting his mother, himself, and other females every Monday night on VH1 for a check?  Yeah exactly.


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