Royce Reed Not Happy With Basketball Wives

9 Jan
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You know, I actually like Royce, and she was seriously the only reason why I even semi watched Basketball Wives (and when I mean semi watched I mean I tuned in for a total of a minute and changed the channel).

Via Urban Belle Mag:

Royce on Dezmon Briscoe:

Many of you have asked about Dezmon and I. It’s been a rough ride. Sure, he made some mistakes, but we all do. Difference is, not everyone’s mistakes are in front of the world. We are still very close. I don’t know what the future holds for us but time will tell. He’s an awesome father and a good Man.

On Shaunie O’Neal:

“The BBW Show idea was that of Tom Huffman, not Shaunie Oneal. Shaunie originally turned down the idea of BBW because she wanted to do her own show with her then husband Shaquille Oneal. That show was called “Love Shaq”. It never aired. Yes, Shaunie asked me if I would be interested but it was brought to me as “This guy Tom has an idea and wanted to know if you would be interested.” My relationship with Shaunie prior to this conversation was 1 in which I asked her advice on how to deal with a situation I was in. It had NOTHING to do with the show. I’m not sure when or why it became what it is today but all the rumors out there about me and her boyfriend, Allstar Wknd and ever her ex husband are 100% false and she knows it. I used to look up to her in the past but that ship has sailed. In even more blatant terms, however, Shaunie wasn’t there to sell the show…I was. I was the only cast member flown into LA to pitch the show to over 10 different stations with Tom because no one else wanted to be connected to a possible failure. Shaunie was NOT there. We got 6 offers back after those pitches and they (Shed Media) chose to go with VH1. So in more BASIC terms…I played a MAJOR role in the pitching of this show & Shaunie in no way, shape, or formed controlled my contract, paycheck, or anything of the sort. So thank you to Tom and Shed media for hiring me for this project.”

 Royce again explains her problem with Evelyn Lozada and says that she doesn’t think Evelyn’s situation with Chad has changed her any, despite her recent “emotional” appearance on Fix My Life:

“Evelyn, have several seats and watch Netflix. I reached out to you when you got head butted and I also hugged you at the reunion (Of course that wasn’t aired…too positive). For you to have been a part of a show that was supposed to “Fix Your Life” and you’re still broken is a problem. At this point I just realize you’re a lost cause. In the past I’d probably tell you to get a pair of gasoline drawls and go past H*ll, but I digress. All your anger towards me is material. You speak on my clothes, but I own a house and 2 cars. You speak on my hair, but I can jump in the pool without worries or my mascara running. I’m naturally beautiful. :cue Phenomenal Woman poem: You stopped filming with me because I NEVER backed down to you. I never let you treat or speak to me the way you did to Suzie or Jennifer & you didn’t like it. I was raised to stand my ground & I never let you take it from under me. Period. If you would concentrate more on what’s important in life and the legacy you will leave behind you will be a much happier person. I do feel sorry for you at times. I wonder what and where you will be when this show is over and the checks stop coming.”

Royce also claims that despite what’s being reported, she was not fired from Basketball Wives. Reed claims she walked away from the show when it was clear to her that there wasn’t going to be many changes made to bring an end to the childishness and bullying on the show:

“I was NOT fired from BBW. I tried to leave Season 3 and Season 4 but was negotiated into staying. For Season 5, I refused to take part in the ignorance and drama on purpose so it was a mutual decision. When someone tells you things aren’t going to change regardless of the backlash, you have to step back and think about whats more important… your dignity or a supplemental paycheck. I chose my dignity and I’ve never been happier. Would I ever do another reality show, yes. Will it have drama, of course but it will be REAL and stem from actual events.”

I always find it interesting when people speak out AFTER they stop receiving checks.


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