Lindsay Lohan Didn’t Show Up to Court

8 Jan
Picture Courtesy of

Picture Courtesy of

Let’s be real, who really expected this bitch to show up to court?  Raise of hands.  Oh really? No one is going to raise their hand?  Trust me I’m truly not shocked.

Via Fox2Now:

Lindsay Lohan’s attorney says it’s her lucky year.  The celeb’s court appearance in New York was delayed … and Lohan’s attorney says it may never happen.

Lohan is accused of punching a woman at a Manhattan nightclub in November.

“It has been determined that the criminal prosecution of Lindsay Lohan is not ready to proceed at this time. “

According to Lohan’s attorney, the alleged victim is just looking for her 15 minutes of fame.

The actress is currently facing legal threats on both coasts.

She’s due in court in California later this month to face a probation violation.

Truthfully I don’t care if she didn’t show up because it was delayed, we all know that this whole “court proceeding  thing is nothing but a farce to get more taxpayers money.  At this point I say just feed her to the lions.  Wait, what’s that?  We don’t do that anymore.  Hmm, well I think it’s about time we should look into that.


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