Kenya Moore is Still Delusional

8 Jan
Picture Courtesy of Sandra Rose/Bravo TV

Picture Courtesy of Sandra Rose/Bravo TV

Ok seriously though, this chick has some issues.  I don’t even think she’s pretending, I really think she is bat shit crazy.


Kenya Moore does not believe people that have said that she looks like Beyonce. Denying any notion that those comments have gone to her head Monday, Jan. 7, Moore says it’s flattering and an honor to be compared to the Grammy winning recording artist.

“People have always said I look like Beyonce. I don’t see it and it doesn’t mean I think it too,”said Moore. “Beyonce is gorgeous. No doubt (the) comparison is an honor.”

As seen on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Sunday, during a party thrown to celebrate NeNe Leakes’ move to Los Angeles, Moore told everyone that she has been compared to Beyonce a lot.

“Everyday somebody thinks I’m Beyonce,” Kenya laughed.

Alright, I will give her this, there is a big difference between saying something that other people say, and actually saying you believe it, HOWEVER, I watched that episode and bitch was really saying it like she believed it.

I must say though, her craziness is AWESOME to watch (although there are times even I get uncomfortable), I really would like someone to BRING it to her though.  I bet it’s going to be Miss NeNe Leakes, lord knows you shouldn’t mess with that chick.


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