Kenya Moore Is Getting A Bit More Interesting

6 Dec

Kenya Moore Is Getting A Bit More Interesting

I love Michelle’s blog.  I read it all of the time, and I’m going to be real with you guys, this woman ALWAYS has the tea in ATL.

Via Straight from the A:

Walter didn’t have a clue that Kenya was actually trying to get him to marry her so that she could have a real live RHOA on-air wedding like Cynthia Bailey & Peter Thomas.

Walter’s motivation for appearing on the show was a little bit simpler. He’s rumored to have said that he felt kicking it with the former Miss USA would up his stock… and it probably did. (CLICK HERE to meet ONE of Walter’s many young conquests).

RHOA filmed all the couples in Anguilla last Summer and I heard that it was there that Walter was finally let in on Kenya’s “wedding” plans.

Apparently Peter Thomas said something to him along the lines of, ‘if you don’t ask her here, it’s a wrap for you two,‘ to which Walter looked DEAD into the cameras (a huge no-no!) and said something like ‘well I may as well pack it up now’!

I’m paraphrasing of course but hopefully the conversation doesn’t end up on the editing room floor.

I heard… Kenya got so pissed at Walter’s blatant diss that she tried to embarrass him on national television by proclaiming to the cameras (and again… I’m paraphrasing)…

“I know why Walter doesn’t want me. I’ve been keeping his secret. He’s Gay!”

Ummm…. ma’am! You are in violation. One thing that man is NOT is gay… trust. We’ve heard stories about Mr. Walter Jackson, and none of them were from a gay man!

All I know is… Kenya’s salty because he doesn’t want to marry her and now she’s going around saying he’s Gay as if no straight man would turn her down.

I have to admit, this season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta is kind of filling my ratchet quotient.  I’m excited to see the footage from the trip that they take.

Like I said, I’ve been reading Michelle’s blog for a long time, and she is usually always right, especially when it comes to the happenings going on in the ATL.


One Response to “Kenya Moore Is Getting A Bit More Interesting”

  1. Buttafly Jonez (@buttajonez) December 16, 2012 at 5:33 PM #

    All this drama is going to make Kenya Moore more popular IF she can handle the criticism…

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