Jenny Johnson Still Going for Her 15 Minutes

3 Dec

Jenny Johnson Still Going for Her 15 Minutes

Can we all just agree that this chick is a famewhore?

Via EOnline:

“This is not an apology. I just want to clear some things up,” Jenny Johnson wrote in a post for GQ on Friday. “My first thought following my Twitter exchange with Chris Brown on Sunday was to ignore it until it went away. The exchange I’m referencing would be the one where he tweeted he looked old for 23, and I replied with a not-so-kind comment. From there we discussed farts, spelling, past events, bushpigs, and the part of my eye which he wanted to go number two on. It ended up with him deactivating his Twitter account.”

Johnson went on to say that while she doesn’t “regret” the spat with Breezy, she certainly didn’t expect it to receive so much attention, like when the ladies of The View weighed in on it.

She also made reference to the fact that in one of her tweets she linked to a news story pertaining to Brown’s 2009 assault on Rihanna.

“I’ve had people assume I dislike Chris Brown because I’m taking up for Rihanna, I’m not,” Johnson said. “I’m on the side of good, of equality and respect for my fellow woman. I was raised to not respect a person who doesn’t respect others. And one human being physically harming another human being is one of the most disrespectful acts there is.”

Johnson concluded by assuring Brown’s fans that, despite the singer abandoning Twitter, all is not lost.

“Don’t worry Team Breezy, your hero is still on Instagram under the handle F–kYoPictures. #Classy.”

Ok, so let me get this straight, rather than helping out actual victims of Domestic Violence, she decides to tweet Chris Brown about what an asshole he is.  Yeah, because that makes so much sense.  Like I said, Famewhore.


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